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76% Of Parents Agree With Actor Matthew McConaughey That Children Shouldn’t Be Allowed On Social Media Till Age Of 15

Andy Newton
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Matthew McConaughey

Fresh from a recent interview, that Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey revealed that he shielded his son Levi from social media until he recently turned 15 years-old – a MumsNet poll of 20,000 parents were asked if they agreed with the Oscar-winner views.

Matthew McConaughey Banned His Son From Social Media Until He Was 15

After a recent interview with E! News, the Times bestselling author and well-known Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey disclosed that he’s only just allowed his son – Levi – to interact on social media at the age of 15.

McConaughy told viewers that his son had asked to join the social media rat race from the age of 12, 13 and even more so recently at 14.

However, they stuck firm with their rules to not unleash social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter until he turned 15 – calling it a sort of 15th birthday present.

The thinking here for McConaughy is there are many ‘upfalls’ to allowing social media into your child’s life at a young age. Saying, yes, it’s not like sending them to college, but it is like sending them out into the world with a bunch of strangers – where some will be good and some will be bad, plus some will be fair and others won’t.

The Hollywood actor added that – will this affect you as a person?

Yes, it will – as many people will give you a ‘thumbs down’ on social media no matter what you say, and this will surely impact you in some shape or form going forward.

With McConaughy’s son now turned 15, he says there is still a monitoring process where potential posts are run past himself and his wife – giving his son the chance to talk through what he’s trying to say and if he’s going about it the right way.

You feel there will be a few more years of this sort of censorship at the McConaughy household, until the social media brakes are let-off completely.

Adding, he feels it’s important to just “live your life” and if you are doing something that is worthy of sharing – fine. But don’t wake up in the morning and think “what can I do that will be a good share”.

Three Quarters Of UK Parents Agree With Hollywood Actor That Children Shouldn’t Be On Social Media Until Turning 15

Following on from the Matthew McConaughy views on social media, when parents were asked on MumsNet poll, a massive 76% and just over three quarters agreed with the Hollywood actor.

With the many pitfalls and the constant checking and monitoring of accounts almost 80% of parents asked agreed that keeping social media away from children for as long as you can, can only be a benefit.

There are also many different social media platforms, so keeping a tab on it for parents can often turn into a full-time job.

Here are some of the quotes from the poll.

Rabbitbrain: “My kids all god phones aged 11, but no SM (including WhatsApp) until 16. With the new Online Safety Bill coming in next year I’m hoping it will make it very difficult for kids to have it.”

Alargeoneplease89: “Mine aren’t allowed until they are 18 and to be honest they aren’t bothered”

Lee Astley, Head of News at BettingSites Said:It’s an interesting debate and one that many parents seem to agree with Matthew McConaughy on. A 76% return on over 20,000 people polled is a big return and this, along with more high-profile figures like McConaughy leading the way on this topic, could easily put more pressure on the social media companies having a minimum age requirement before accounts can be set up.”

“There are obvious potential health risks that are attached to having a social media account and these can be highlighted more with younger and more vulnerable people – like children. Add in that social media is another avenue for bullying, not to mention the added extra time it takes to control and monitor these accounts for parents, then it’s easy to see why such are large number of mothers and fathers are in the same thinking at McConaughy.”

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