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newsai predicts next 50 champions league winners

AI Predicts The Next 50 Champions League Winners With Newcastle Crowned European Champions Before Manchester United & Liverpool

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Ahead of the Champions League Final on Saturday night between 14-time winners Real Madrid and two-time victors Borussia Dortmund, we asked AI to predict the next 50 Champions League winners.

Our AI simulation tool selected some expected teams as winners, but there were also some shock newcomers including Newcastle being victorious in 2026/27 and Aston Villa winning their first European Cup in over 50 years in 2034/35.

  • AI predicts Newcastle will win the Champions League in 2027, Aston Villa win 2035 title, no Champions League for Spurs
  • AI predicts Man Utd won’t win next Champions League until 2041, Arsenal’s next Champions League win will be in 2050
  • Bayern Munich win the most Champions League’s in the next 50 years with 6 in total

Next 50 Champions League Winners, According To AI

  • 2023/24: Real Madrid
  • 2024/25: Manchester City
  • 2025/26: Bayern Munich
  • 2026/27: Newcastle
  • 2027/28: Liverpool
  • 2028/29: Real Madrid
  • 2029/30: Chelsea
  • 2030/31: PSG
  • 2031/32: Barcelona
  • 2032/33: Manchester City
  • 2033/34: Liverpool
  • 2034/35: Aston Villa
  • 2035/36: Bayern Munich
  • 2036/37: Inter Milan
  • 2037/38: Real Madrid
  • 2038/39: Atalanta
  • 2039/40: PSG
  • 2040/41: Manchester United
  • 2041/42: Barcelona
  • 2042/43: Chelsea
  • 2043/44: Newcastle
  • 2044/45: Borussia Dortmund
  • 2045/46: Monaco
  • 2046/47: AC Milan
  • 2047/48: PSG
  • 2048/49: Liverpool
  • 2049/50: Arsenal
  • 2050/51: Real Madrid
  • 2051/52: Bayern Munich
  • 2052/53: Manchester City
  • 2053/54: Aston Villa
  • 2054/55: Chelsea
  • 2055/56: Newcastle
  • 2056/57: Barcelona
  • 2057/58: Inter Milan
  • 2058/59: PSG
  • 2060/61: Manchester United
  • 2061/62: Bayern Munich
  • 2062/63: Monaco
  • 2063/64: Liverpool
  • 2064/65: Arsenal
  • 2065/66: Real Madrid
  • 2066/67: Manchester City
  • 2067/68: Chelsea
  • 2068/69: Aston Villa
  • 2069/70: PSG
  • 2070/71: Barcelona
  • 2071/72: Inter Milan
  • 2072/73: Bayern Munich
  • 2073/74: Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich Most Successful Club In Champions League In Next 50 Years

Real Madrid are set to win their 15th Champions League on Saturday night against Borussia Dortmund, asserting further dominance as Europe’s most successful football club. According to AI, the Galacticos will come out on top at Wembley Stadium this weekend, but will have to wait another five years for their next European success, according to AI.

Although on paper Madrid have one of the best squads in world football alongside Manchester City, it is German Giants Bayern Munich who are set to be the most successful club in the Champions League over the next 50 year period. The AI simulator has predicted that Bayern will win six of the next 50 Champions Leagues, with Real Madrid and PSG the next most successful clubs of Europe’s elite with five Champions League successes.

AI is predicting Liverpool, Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester City will win four Champions League crowns each in the next half-a-century, whilst Italian giants Inter Milan will win three, alongside Aston Villa and Newcastle. Manchester United, Arsenal and Monaco will share two Champions League successes apiece in the next 50 years, with 7-time winner AC Milan, reigning Europa League champions Atalanta and 2024 Champions League finalists Borussia Dortmund winning one each, according to AI.

Aston Villa To Win First European Cup Over 50 Years After Their Last?

As you can see in the above list, AI is predicting Aston Villa will win three Champions Leagues in the next 50 year period. They are set to lift the famous European trophy in 2035, before winning their next in 2054 and then again in 2069.

Aston Villa’s triumph in 2035 comes over 50 years after their last European Cup victory back in 1982. Villa defeated Bayern Munich 1-0 to win their first and only European Cup, becoming the sixth English team to win the coveted European Cup in succession. Villa fans have been starved of success in Europe ever since, but that is set to end in 2035 as the Birmingham based club lift the famous Champions League trophy in 11 years time from now.

Whilst there seems to be European success for Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea, Newcastle and Aston Villa in the next 50 years, it seems Spurs will still be waiting on that elusive European Cup for another while.

Newcastle To Win Champions League Before Man United Or Liverpool Win Their Next

Given their vast investment in the last five years or so, it comes as no surprise to learn that Newcastle United are set to win their first ever European Cup in the next few years. In fact, it may be even sooner than you think, with AI predicting Newcastle will win the Champions League in 2027.

The capital Newcastle now have at their disposal thanks to a Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund has reaped rewards already for Eddie Howe’s side, qualifying for the Champions League last season before just narrowly missing out on European football once again this year.

Given the money and investment behind them and their ability to attract the biggest and best players in the world, Newcastle’s success in Europe is imminent. AI is predicting that the ‘Toon Army’ will be crowned Europe’s best team come the 2026/27 season. It’s time to get excited Newcastle fans!

Key Factors Influencing Future Champions League Winners

We have provided AI with prompts to assist in achieving more authentic victors. It possesses extensive knowledge regarding affluent clubs such as PSG, Manchester City and Newcastle, which have the potential to dominate European football over the next few decades.

Here is the full list of key factors and why specific clubs have been backed to win the Champions League:

  1. Club Resources & Investment: Wealthier clubs like Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG, Liverpool and Barcelona often have deeper squads and more financial power to strengthen their teams.
  2. Youth Development & Academies: Clubs with strong youth academies, such as Chelsea and Manchester City, can produce talented players who contribute to long-term success.
  3. Management & Coaching: The quality of management and coaching staff can significantly impact a team’s performance. Clubs with top managers tend to perform better.
  4. Historical Success & Culture: Clubs with a strong tradition in the Champions League, such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Barcelona, have a culture and experience that can be advantageous.
  5. Emerging Clubs: Teams that are currently investing in their squads and infrastructure, like Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Monaco and Arsenal, might become regular contenders.

Reasoning Of Potential Champions League Winners Over The Next 50 Years

  • Bayern Munich – Huge club, lots of investment and always a threat in Europe
  • Real Madrid – Dominant force in Europe, will continue to be for years to come
  • PSG – Continue to threaten in Europe with huge investment behind them
  • Manchester City – Given their recent dominance and financial backing
  • Chelsea – Strong academy and lots of money behind them
  • Barcelona – Should return to former European glories with a bit more investment and right manager
  • Liverpool – Strong historical performance in Europe and capital behind them
  • Newcastle United – Emerging force with new financial power
  • Inter Milan – European stalwarts, will succeed once again under the right manager
  • Aston Villa – A danger under the right manager and tactics
  • Manchester United – Historically successful with substantial resources
  • Arsenal – Emerging European force once again after several years in the shadows
  • Monaco – Could be one to watch in years to come, rich club and steady riser
  • AC Milan – Potential to return to former glories with proper investment
  • Borussia Dortmund – A club with huge potential under the right manager
  • Atalanta – Capable of winning silverware as seen this year


Lee Astley, Head of News at BettingSites, commented on the data saying:

“European giants such as Bayern Munich and Real Madrid continuing to dominate in Europe comes as no surprise. Rich clubs like Man City, PSG, Chelsea and Barcelona enjoying success in the next 50 years in the Champions League is hardly a surprise either.

“The surprise comes with AI predicting Newcastle will be crowned the champions of Europe in just three years time. Not only that, but Aston Villa tasting European success before Man United and Arsenal is another huge shock, given the Gunners and Red Devils reputation amongst Europe’s elite over the past few decades.

“It seems Spurs’ woes will continue in their hunt for silverware. They might win some domestic trophies in the next 50 years, but it isn’t a huge surprise to see they will continue to struggle in Europe over the next half-a-century.”

Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly

Paul has worked in sports as a writer ever since graduating from Liverpool John Moores University back in 2020, where he attained a First Class Honours Degree in Sports Journalism. Paul is comfortable writing about all sorts of different sports, but specifically specialises in boxing, golf, MMA, darts and horse racing. Paul's vast knowledge of worldwide sport means he is capable of covering almost any sport, including popular US sports such as NFL, NBA and MLB. Paul has years of experience covering sport for BBC Sport, as well as being a regular contributor at ESBR Boxing before becoming a Director in March 2024. Paul gained vital experience at BBC Radio 1 and Everton Football Club during his time at university, aiding his knowledge of the writing world. Paul has had the opportunity to attend big live sporting events and work as a reporter on numerous occasions. His experience writing on both live sports and sports betting content means he is comfortable with all aspects of sports reporting. As well as writing for Betting Sites, Paul's wealth of knowledge in a whole host of sports converts into writing in depth stories and providing reliable betting picks regularly.

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