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newsexclusive interview with rob cross

Exclusive interview with Rob Cross: Losing the last 7 finals, I’m glad to get that off my back; I’ll win US Masters; I will push for number 1 in the world next year

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In an exclusive interview with, Rob Cross speaks about his fresh European Tour win.

The Hastings man divulges his goals for the next year, predicting that he’ll not only win another major but will dethrone Michael Smith to take World no.1 spot in the rankings.

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Full transcript

Question: Here with the man of the moment, ‘Voltage’ Rob Cross. Fresh off a plane, fresh off another win. How are you feeling? That was your first European Tour win I believe.

Rob Cross: “Yeah, I’ve had eight finals including last night. Eventually it dropped right for me last night. I absolutely love it. I love the European Tour. To get that win. I lost in seven finals, some I played great, some I played bad, but I never really got a lot of luck. I’m just really glad to get that off my back last night and get that win. It’s probably the only discipline in darts that I hadn’t won. It’s crazy. I’m absolutely buzzing now.”

(Q): Luke Humphries in the final, you won 8-6. Tight match, but like you say you got over the line. Good momentum building up now as well. Off the back of the Players Championship win in Leicester too. That’s two wins in three tournaments for you.

(RC):  “The game is good, everything is good. I’m enjoying darts now more than ever. I seemed to manage to enjoy my first year when I came on Tour because I didn’t really have as many commitments. All great things. After winning a world title you have to handle the pressure, you have a lot more to learn. I actually feel I’ve done that now. I can be myself and hopefully I can perform better and start winning even more.”

(Q): What are your goals for the rest of the season?

(RC): “I want to win another major this year, another TV title. Another big one this year. I’m telling you now I’m going to win one, not a goal! My actual goals, I want to get back in the top four. That’s my goal for the end of the year. I want to get back in that top four, establish myself back in there, and if I can do that, then next year I’ll push for number one.”

“That’s where I want to be. But, you’ve got to be close enough. You’ve got to get them wins, those bigger TV tournaments under your belt. If you can win them, that’s what gets you to the top. It allows you to try and pitch for these bigger ones and I want to get to that number one. For me, I’ve always wanted to be number one. World Champion is a great achievement but I went to just number two when I won that, so it’s definitely on the agenda and definitely in my mind that I want to be number one.”

(Q): How much does it mean to you to represent England?

(RC): “It’s massive. I can remember maybe two weeks ago on social media, all the chat that Luke was only £3,000 behind me. The deficit was so close. I remember reading this comment, which I never do, because I don’t really care and try and stay away from social media a bit, but it said ‘if Cross doesn’t get it [into England WC team] it just shows he’s not bothered about it anyway’. Saying I’d go for the easy cop-out. I have to admit, I really wanted it. I really wanted it.”

“For a long, long time now I’ve been trying to sort myself out, get myself right, I want it more than ever. I’m hungry for everything. I want to win everything. I think I’m in such a good place now that I actually can win more. Why not? To represent England and represent my country is a proud moment. I’ve done it three times before. Last time I played it I played with Michael Smith, and we lost in the final to Wales. Gezzy and Jonny Clayton beat us. Why can’t we do it again? It’s going to be amazing. Keeps me busy!”

(Q): Your form couldn’t be getting hot at a better time. You’re flying out to New York later today, Madison Square Gardens, you must be excited about that.

(RC): “I’ve never been to New York, let alone play [darts] in New York. It’s iconic. To play there – I’m absolutely buzzing for it. It’s just going to be amazing. I’ve got the wife meeting me later so we’ve got a bit of time together out there. Most of all I want to win that [US Masters]! You think of the boxing and all the other stuff that has happened in that great arena. To get your name on a trophy would be very special.”

Rob Cross
Rob Cross
Rob Cross

Rob Cross is an English professional darts player who currently plays in PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) events. Nicknamed 'Voltage', Cross is currently 5th in world rankings, having recently won the European Tour for the first time. In 2018 Rob Cross became the first player to win the PDC world championship at first attempt, (not including players who have played in the BDO world championship).