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newsmark hateley exclusive

Mark Hateley Exclusive: Arsene Wenger Flew To Germany On Days Off To Watch Youth Football

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Mark Hately

In an exclusive interview with, former AC Milan, Monaco and Rangers striker Mark Hateley reveals what it was like working under Arsene Wenger and reveals the truth about living with Paul Gascoigne… 

  • Arsene Wenger rarely had a day off and flew all over Europe watching youth football and reserve teams
  • Paul Gascoigne lasted three days living with Hateley who wanted to “throttle” him

Wenger never had a day off and spent his spare time watching reserves in Germany

Arsene Wenger’s first signing at Monaco in 1987 was Mark Hateley from AC Milan, and he explains how the move came about and what it was like working under the Frenchman;

What was it like to work under Arsene Wenger?

Mark Hateley:It was a different level, absolutely different level. I thought it was the coaching level when I went to Milan. And then you had different eating habits and the way you recuperated after a game and all this sort of stuff. He was completely wired to different stuff, how we can take the game forward, how we can take fitness forward. How do you get your recuperation in, how do you get your Saturday, Sunday game and then after to be in top form and all your numbers being right on the Tuesday for a European game.

“He was all for that. On what you could eat pre-match, it was completely different. And when we had him, he was intense. He had a tracksuit and a stopwatch, a ball under his arm all the time. If he had a day off, he’d fly to Germany or he’d fly somewhere to watch a third division game or a reserve game. And that’s how he was, and that typifies him. When I left, he left and went to Japan. And I think basically that was just to study a different way of life and how people approach stuff.

Arsene was great because when we went there, he said, I can’t teach you. All the things, the biggest thing he taught me was to be on time. I was always late or as early and it was the same penalty. I’d always have to come out with a French sentence on the bus in front of everybody. And I didn’t like speaking French because I was speaking Italian okay, so I was  pretty much being lazy. So he said no. So I started to be early for meetings and then he still made me do it.

“So, long story short. He said, ‘I’ll tell you why you need to be on time, if you go early for a cross, you miss an opportunity in the box, right? If you’re late on the cross, you miss your opportunity in the box. You have to be on time.’ And that was the only thing he said I can teach you. I can’t teach you how to be a footballer or put the ball in the back of the net. He said, that’s why I bought you. And that’s as plain as it was.”

Paul Gascoigne was kicked out after three days due to sleepless nights

When Paul Gascoigne moved to rangers, he famously lived with Hateley. The England international was due to stay for two weeks, but was kicked out after three nights and Hateley explains why;

Paul Gascoigne famously lived with you for two weeks after signing for Rangers?

Mark Hateley: “Not two weeks, three days.

I was going to say it was an eye opening three days. Basically because he never sleeps. He’s slept about three, four hours over three days and it’s preseason as well. All I did was run, eat and sleep and Walter Smith wanted him to stay at my house. My family was away, so he could keep a close eye on the situation, on Paul and how he was settling in and all that sort of stuff. So Walter lived at the end of the road, on the same road that I lived on. So it was literally 30 seconds away. So if there’s any trouble, basically. Honestly, his heart’s as big as a bucket. He’s got an absolutely brilliant sense of humour, but you have to understand his sense of humour.

“He’s coming and pulling all your blankets off at two o’clock in the morning when you’re trying to have a sleep is not the right way to go about it, and  it didn’t last very long. I went to Walter and I said you need to get this guy out of this house. I’ll end up absolutely throttling him. That’s when he disappeared off to Duck Bay and that’s when I started to get my sleep again and back into a cheerful chappie

Where did he get the energy from? 

That’s just how he is. I remember Paul, when he was away with England, he was playing tennis at four o’clock in the morning and we were playing that afternoon. That’s just his makeup, he is what he is. He just can’t sit still. He’s got that super active mind which gets him into trouble. He has a lot of fun as well. But that’s Paul. You have to take what you’re given with Paul.”

Owen Fulda
Owen Fulda
Owen Fulda

Owen Fulda is Betting Sites breaking news interviewer. Owen speaks to a wide range of sporting and entertainment talent, to bring you the latest opinions on trending topics. Before his role at Betting Sites, Owen worked at News Associates for the Daily Star and the Express. Owen's sport of choice is Football & Boxing where he has interviewed talents such as Emmanuel Petit & Audley Harrison

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