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More Than 8 in 10 Boxing Fans Think Jake Paul Will Never Win a World Title

Liam Solomon
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As Jake Paul prepares to step in the ring for his seventh career fight this Sunday, observers on Reddit have been quick to dispel any claims that the YoutTuber-turned-boxer has what it takes to become an eventual world champion.

With a clean sweep of victories thus far, Paul has shown his capability as a fighter, perhaps most notably with a devastating knockout against UFC veteran Tyron Woodley, and in doing so turned a lot of heads in the boxing world. 

However, as he prepares to face the first legitimate pro-boxer in the shape of Tommy Fury, fans on the subreddit group R/Boxing have had their say in a poll, questioning whether he will ever be a World Title holder even if he beats Fury this weekend.

The eventual results represent a resounding ‘no’ to the proposition, with 1,100 voters out of the total 1,300 opting for the ‘hell no’ button. 

Of this group of voters, many took to the comments to elaborate on their opinion. For example, one user (bigfatpup) questioned the integrity of the sport’s governing bodies and implied that he may one day get the opportunity to compete for a belt, albeit undeservedly.

“He’s not really good enough to win one. But I can see him getting to fight an absolute bum for one.”

This was met with a reply from another user (_Sarcasmic_), who said: “Yeah, I’m sure the sanctioning bodies would be more than willing to put him in a position like that.”

Despite the majority of voters adamant that we will never get a shot at a World Title, around 15% of the total believed the 26-year-old has the capacity to reach the very top if he is dedicated enough.

One user (Ok-Damage5304) was quick to make a comparison between Paul and his opponent this Sunday Tommy Fury, highlighting that the latter has been training his entire life to become a professional, and has failed to get much further than the social media star.

“If he continues his dedication to boxing for the next few years, anything is possible. Paul looks way more determined than Tommy. Even Tyson [Tommy’s older brother] consistently defends Paul.

“Right now it’s too soon to say about Jake Paul, but at least he is starting to step up in competition way faster than Tommy has. He just needs to continue to win fights and time will tell.”


Liam Solomon

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