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newswho will win eurovision 2024 according to ai software chatgpt

Who Will Win Eurovision 2024 According To AI Software ChatGPT?

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eurovision 2024 new

In the ever-growing world of AI technology, we decided to ask the popular ChatGPT software which country will win the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest this Saturday in Sweden, plus their top 10 finishers. 

You can also see the latest Eurovision betting odds on this page below and snap-up the best new customer betting offers in the UK 2024 to use on this year’s event.

  • ChatGPT Predicts Favourites Croatia To Win Their First Eurovision
  • Four-time Winners Israel To Take Eurovision 2024 Silver
  • First Ever Eurovision Winners Switzerland To Finish Third
  • Hosts Sweden To Sneak a Top 10 Finish

Croatia To Grab First Eurovision Song Contest – According ChatGPT

Here’s what ChatGPT told us when asked – who will win Eurovision and which countries will make a top ten finish?”

“With Croatia emerging as the betting favorite for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, anticipation for their first Eurovision win is high. However, there are several other strong contenders vying for the top spot. Here’s a speculative prediction on who will win and the final top 10 based on the provided countries and their betting odds:”

“Winner: Croatia – With Baby Lasagna’s performance of “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” capturing the hearts of viewers, Croatia is predicted to secure their first Eurovision victory in a memorable fashion.”

“Israel, with Eden Golan’s powerful rendition of “Hurricane,” is expected to clinch a high placement, closely followed by Switzerland’s Nemo with “The Code” and France with their captivating entry. Ireland, a Eurovision powerhouse with seven previous wins, is anticipated to impress with a strong performance.”

“Italy and Ukraine are also expected to deliver solid performances, while the Netherlands and Greece could surprise with memorable entries that resonate with the audience. Despite being the host country, Sweden’s entry is predicted to struggle to make a significant impact on the scoreboard.”

“While these predictions are based on betting odds and speculative analysis, the Eurovision Song Contest is known for its unpredictability, and outcomes can vary based on numerous factors. Ultimately, the final results will be determined by the votes of millions of viewers across Europe and the professional juries in each participating country.”

Eurovision Final Top 10 According to ChatGPT

  • Croatia
  • Israel
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Ukraine
  • Netherlands
  • Greece
  • Sweden

Have Croatia Ever Won Eurovision?

No, is the quick answer.

Croatia, who made their debut in 1993, have appeared in the Eurovision Song Contest 28 times and reached the final on 19 occasions, but are yet to win.

Their highest-place finish has been fourth, which came in 1996 and 1999. While their best period in the event came between 1995 and 2001, with six top ten finishing over this seven-year span.

Who Is Performing Croatia’s 2024 Eurovision Entry?

Baby Lasagna – aka Marko Purišić – is the act behind the Croatia Eurovision entry in 2024.

He’ll be performing the catchy tune called “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” on Saturday night and after stealing the show in the first of the live Eurovision semi-finals, it’s no shock the bookmakers across the globe have shortened Croatia’s odds – making them the clear favourites.

The song includes interesting lyrics that include “I’m a big boy now/I’m going away and sold my cow” and “Bye mum, bye dad/Meow cat, please meow back.”

But has wowed audiences, with many live viewers singing along, while those that missed the performance showed their support with over 3 million YouTube hits.

Baby Lasagna, who also performed the tune in traditional Croatian national dress, are now tipped by many – including ChatGPT – to win their first ever Eurovision in Malmo, Sweden on Saturday night.

Israel Supported Into Eurovision Second Favourites After Impressive Semi-Final Performance 

Israel’s participation in Eurovision 2024 has come under scrutiny in recent months but after a popular Semi-final performance the money has come for them in the betting and are now into second favourites.

ChatGPT thinks this support can be justified and expects them to finish this Saturday’s competition with a silver medal.

This year Eden Golan is their singer, who will perform the song “Hurricane” (watch below) and having been as big as 25/1 earlier in the week are now as short at 7/2 after wowing the audience in their Semi-final on Thursday night.

At betting odds of 7/2, this gives Israel a 22.2% chance of going all the way.

Israel are also no strangers to going all the way, having landed Eurovision four times in the past (1978, 1979, 1998 and 2018), with their most recent just six years ago when the event was staged in Portugal.

ChatGPT Expects Sweden To Sneak A Top 10 Finish 

Along with Ireland, no country has won Eurovision more times than Sweden, with the pair both sitting on seven wins each.

However, despite Sweden playing hosts in 2024 and this also being the 50th anniversary of ABBA’s 1974 Waterloo win, ChatGPT isn’t expecting a fairytale weekend.

Sweden’s act will be performed by Marcus & Martinus singing “The Code”, but the bookmakers, who have them priced at 150/1, seem to agree with the AI software.

That said, ChatGPT are still pinning their hopes on a top 10 finish for Sweden as they play hosts for a seventh time.

Since the first Eurovision in 1956, we’ve seen the hosts finish in the top 10 on 48 occasions, which equates to a 72% return.

However, in more recent years, the hosts have not had a good record, with just two of the last eight renewals seeing a top 10 finish for an entertaining country. With last year’s hosts UK coming a lowly 25th.

You can see the Eurovision hosts record for past countries that have staged the event

Bookmakers Give Croatia a 54% Chance Of Winning Eurovision 

See below the latest 2024 Eurovision odds from the best betting sites UK 2024, with ChatGPT’s big fancy Croatia priced at 5/6, which means the layers give them a 54% chance of winning.

Israel are next best at 7/2, which suggests they’ve got a 22% of winning Eurovision for a fifth time, with the first ever winners in 1956 Switzerland next best at 9/2 (18%).

Country Betting Odds  Winning % 
Croatia  5/6 54.5%
Israel 7/2 22.2%
Switzerland 9/2 18.2%
France 14/1 6.7%
Ireland 16/1 5.9%
Ukraine 20/1 4.8%
Italy 25/1 3.8%
Netherlands 50/1 2%
Greece 80/1 1.23%
Finland 125/1 0.79%
Norway 125/1 0.79%
Lithuania 150/1 0.66%
United Kingdom  150/1 0.66%
Sweden 150/1 0.66%
Georgia  150/1 0.66%
Armenia 150/1 0.66%
Austria 150/1 0.66%
Slovenia 200/1 0.50%
Cyprus  200/1 0.50%
Germany  300/1 0.40%
Portugal  300/1 0.33%
Spain 300/1 0.33%
Luxembourg  300/1 0.33%
Estonia  300/1 0.33%
Latvia  300/1 0.33%
Serbia 300/1 0.33%

Note: Odds are correct as 11th May 2024 but subject to change 

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is artificial intelligence software launched in November 2022 that users can fire in questions, and it will produce an AI response.

The chatbot was developed by OpenAI and, even though many rivals have popped up since, ChatGPT is often credited as leading the way in the AI boom of the last few years.

The software analyses questions posed by the user, then searches the internet and its vast AI database of data to come up with a detailed answer.

ChatGPT has also been famed for helping students with their papers. We’ve now tasked it with the big question all Eurovision fans want to know – who will win Saturday’s big final in Sweden?

Andy Newton
Andy Newton
Andy Newton

Andy Newton is a well-known horse racing and sports betting writer that specialises in using key trends and stats to help find winners and unique betting approaches. Over the years, Andy has built up many industry contacts, including with some of the leading horse racing stables in the UK with his time running the Trainers-Quotes site and has also ghost-written for former top jockey Richard Dunwoody. Andy is also the former sports betting editor of odds comparison site Easyodds and JuiceStorm and appeared on many betting podcasts for MatchBook and BetBright. You can also find his views via his monthly Racing Ahead magazine column, which he’s held a slot for over 10 years. Now a regular on too giving his views, trends and tips mainly on horse racing and football - so if there's a stat to be unearthed and it's a sport, Andy is sure to find an interesting betting angle. Here’s a look at a sampling of where Andy’s expertise has been mentioned: Racing Ahead Magazine Trainers-Quotes JuiceStorm GeeGeez