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The answer to what does Double Chance mean in betting terminology lies here with our gambling experts on hand to explain this wager from all angles. The Double Chance bet meaning will soon become clear as we show you how it all works with an example and advice for when to take this kind of punt.

What Does Double Chance Mean in Football Betting?

Just precisely what is Double Chance betting then? This is a type of bet that you can put on football games covering two of three possible match results at the same time. No, it’s not a misprint. You really can wager on more than one potential outcome. The Double Chance meaning really is as simple as that.

What is a Double Chance Bet? – The Three Market Options

Learn what does Double Chance mean in betting terms

While it’s pretty clear what does Double Chance in betting mean, the options on offer are worth assessing in more detail. As anyone gambling with online bookies knows, there are only three outcomes to a match. Either team wins or the game ends in a draw. A Double Chance bet covers two of these, but there are still three options in the market.

This is because that many permutations still exist when you pick two from three outcomes. In the standard full-match result market, often abbreviated to 1X2, you must be spot on with your prediction. Double Chance betting gives you extra leeway, however, and these are the scenarios you can wager on:

Option A: 1X

First up, you can cover everything but an away win. The visitors are represented by the number 2 in the regular full-time result betting on a game. That leaves 1X as the outcomes you want to cover. Such a Double Chance bet pays out regardless of whether the home team wins or the match finishes in a draw.

Option B: 12

For those punters who can’t abide draws or don’t think they’re likely, you can back either team to win at football betting sites. Of the three Double Chance betting options, this may have the shortest price depending on the circumstances surrounding the game. The 12 scenario is one where it doesn’t matter whether it’s a home win or an away success, so long as the match doesn’t end level in the regulation 90 minutes.

Option C: X2

If it’s the hosts that you don’t fancy, then the final X2 option is the one for you. A Double Chance bet here covers an away victory or a draw. Either result is fine, provided that the home team do not emerge with the win. This wager can work well if a side is struggling for form at their own ground and fans are turning restless on them.

How Does Double Chance Betting Work?

We’ve got what does Double Chance mean in betting terms down now, but what about how it works in practice? The first you need to know is that both options your wager covers pays out the same, whichever final outcome happens. You don’t get anything extra for a home win after betting on 1X. Returns from settled bets are just the same as if it were a draw, as both scenarios get settled as winners.

What you need to see is a real Double Chance bet example that we’ll work through. If the football match that interests you most was Chelsea playing Liverpool at Stamford Bridge, then bookmakers have a market like this:

Chelsea / Liverpool – 1/3

Draw / Liverpool – 4/9

Chelsea / Draw – 3/5

The most likely outcome from this Double Chance betting is either team to win. A home win or draw is the least likely. If you bet on Chelsea / Draw and the match ends level, just like the last six meetings across all competitions in 90 minutes have (as of the end of the 2022-23 season), then you’ve backed a winner. For every £5 staked at those odds of 3/5, you win £3.

Pros & Cons of the Double Chance Bet

After seeing a real-life scenario based on legit Premier League betting, you’ve now got a solid understanding of what is Double Chance in betting circles. The next step for punters learning about this wager is to ponder the positives and downsides attached to it. The Double Chance bet has some benefits buts also some disadvantages. Consider these aspects carefully before you take a punt:


  • Can cover more outcomes than 1X2 market
  • Decreases the potential for losing your wager
  • Handy bet to use for tough to call games


  • Majority of markets have odds-on prices
  • Requires bigger stakes bet as a result
  • Tough to find what most consider value

Double Chance Betting Strategy That Works

The concept of what does Double Chance mean in betting should be well-established in your mind now. There is the matter of how to approach it. Weighing up the pros and cons discussed above, our experts have some strategic advice you’d do well to follow when wagering.

Look at How the Market Compares to 1X2 Betting on Same Game

It follows that if the regular full-time match result market on a football match is close, or the opposite is the case and there’s a clear favourite, then that will all be reflected in the Double Chance bets you can place. Those punters hunting for value might find something approaching that in the event of a close game expected based on the 1X2 betting.

Ask Yourself How Important the Match is to Both Teams?

As professional sportspeople, every game matters to football players. Let’s face it, though, some matches are more important than others. If a team has a big cup tie or European game coming up next, then the manager may not put a full-strength side out. This could create an opportunity to take on the team who has distractions. It’s smart Double Chance betting strategy if nothing else.

Take on Sides Struggling for Form at Home

We touched on this earlier but, in an ideal world, every team makes its home ground a fortress. In practice, however, there are times when sides go on bad runs in front of their own fans. Who can forget Sunderland having the worst home record in Premier League history back in 2005-06 when they picked up just seven points from a possible 57 at the Stadium Of Light.

Whether it’s the pressure of an expectant crowd, injuries catching up with the squad, other issues off the field, or just a lack of momentum or quality, if you can identify teams that aren’t performing at home, a Double Chance bet on the X2 option here could prove wise.

Top Double Chance Betting Tips

Strategy is one thing, but there’s even more advice and helpful hints from our experts on using Double Chance to your advantage. There are pitfalls too, of course, but we’ll do our best to steer you round them. By following the tips below, you should make more informed choices and betting decisions when betting more often. Take heed of all this:

Watch out for Dead Rubbers

Returning to the theme discussed above of games mattering, you also need to be wary of the opposite. This isn’t so much where the importance of the match is greater for one sider over the other, but rather when neither has anything to play for. We’re talking about two teams mired in mid-table mediocrity here.

While they won’t be challenging for European spots, the play-offs or promotion, but nor are they in any real danger of relegation, this can lead to uneventful matches. A Double Chance bet including the draw as one potential outcome looks attractive.

Use Double Chance in Accumulators

The punters’ favourite and trusty football accumulator isn’t just limited to 1X2 betting by any means. If you wish, then there’s absolutely nothing stopping you putting Double Chance bets in such a multiple wager. Bear in mind that the odds involved are invariably shorter than the regular full-time match result market, but that’s why they suit accumulators.

Although Acca Insurance deals may not cover your bet if it includes short prices, the same can be said with the 1X2 market. The best of our Double Chance betting tips for punters who want to eke a bit of value from this type of wager is to put several selections from different games together. That will increase the odds as they accumulate, i.e. multiply, from leg to leg.

Best Bookmakers to Place a Double Chance Bet With

Any of the betting sites you know and love from your football wagers include Double Chance as an option. In terms of which are the best, well that kind of depends on the prices offered in the market and matches you’re looking at. Remember, with the Double Chance bet, all three outcomes are likely to be odds-on.


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