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Have you heard people talking about Canadian Bets? Have you ever asked yourself what is a Canadian bet? What is a Canadian bet in horse racing? It is a bet on Canadian horse racing? It is a bet on ice hockey? Just what is a Canadian 26 bet?

Well, wonder no more. We are here to explain what is a Canadian bet, and to tell you how does a Canadian bet work. After reading this article you will understand fully what a Canadian bet is, how you can place one, and whether using a Canadian bet is right for you.

Canadian Bet explained: How to Place Wager and Calculate Potential Returns

A Canadian bet is what is known as a system bet. It is a bet that combines a number of multiple bets on a set number of selections. Other examples of system bets include a Yankee and a Heinz.

A Canadian bet consists of 26 separate bets covering five different selections. The bets covered by a Canadian bet are as follows:

  • 10 x doubles
  • 10 x trebles
  • 5 x fourfolds
  • 1 x accumulator

It is important to note that a Canadian bet does not include any singles. For any returns from a Canadian bet, at least two of your selections must be correct. Naturally, the more selections that come in as winners, the more money you could possibly win!

So, why a Canadian?

You’re probably wondering why a Canadian bet is called a Canadian bet. Many system bets have odd names, and while names some are easy to understand (a Heinz bet has 57 bets, and of course the tagline of the Heinz company has been ’57 varieties’ for decades) while others (Yankee?) are perhaps not.

Well, no one is completely sure why a Canadian bet is called a Canadian bet, however the best bet is that it derives from its alternative name, the Super Yankee. A Yankee bet is eleven bets from four selections, while a Super Yankee is 26 bets from five selections. It’s thought that some witty person decided that a ‘super Yankee’ (i.e. someone superior to an American) would be a Canadian, and the name stuck.

Of course we also need to explain the betting term ‘Yankee’. The round robin bet was introduced to the UK by US soldiers around the time of World War II, so placing such a bet became known as a ‘Yankee’ bet, after the casual name for Americans at the time.

Canadian bets are most placed on horses, but you can place a bet on football, or golf, or … any sport, really. Here we are going to walk through an example using five EPL matches as follows:

  • Bournemouth v Manchester United – Manchester United to win at 1.52
  • Liverpool v Aston Villa – Liverpool to win at 1.48
  • Wolves v Everton – Wolves to win at 2.75
  • Nottingham Forest v Arsenal – Nottingham Forest to win at 5.60
  • West Ham United v Leeds United – West Ham to win at 2.40

All the odds have been taken from one of our favourite UK betting sites, BetUK. Although we are betting on each team to win, all your selections for a Canadian bet do not have to be 1X2 bets. You can have draw no bets, BTTS bets, over/under bets … anything you want as long as you have five selections.

Our 26 bets in our Canadian bet are therefore as follows:

10 Doubles:

  • Manchester U, Liverpool (odds 1.52 x 1.48 =) 2.25
  • Manchester U, Wolves (odds 1.52 x 2.75 =) 4.18
  • Manchester U, Nottingham F (odds 1.52 x 5.6 =) 8.51
  • Manchester U, West Ham (odds 1.52 x 2.4 =) 3.65
  • Liverpool, Wolves (odds 1.48 x 2.75 =) 4.07
  • Liverpool, Nottingham F (odds 1.48 x 5.6 =) 8.29
  • Liverpool, West Ham (odds 1.48 x 2.4 =) 3.55
  • Wolves, Nottingham F (odds 2.75 x 5.6 =) 15.4
  • Wolves, West Ham (odds 2.75 x 2.4 =) 6.60
  • Nottingham F, West Ham (odds 5.6 x 2.4 =) 13.44

10 Trebles:

  • Manchester U, Liverpool, Wolves (odds 1.52 x 1.48 x 2.75 =) 6.19
  • Manchester U, Liverpool, Nottingham F (odds 1.52 x 1.48 x 5.6 =) 12.6
  • Manchester U, Liverpool, West Ham (odds 1.52 x 1.48 x 2.4 =) 5.4
  • Manchester U, Wolves, Nottingham F (odds 1.52 x 2.75 x 5.6 =) 23.41
  • Manchester U, Wolves, West Ham (odds 1.52 x 2.75 x 2.4 =) 10.03
  • Manchester U, Nottingham F, West Ham (odds 1.52 x 5.6 x 2.4 =) 20.43
  • Liverpool, Wolves, Nottingham F (odds 1.48 x 2.75 x 5.6 =) 22.79
  • Liverpool, Wolves, West Ham (odds 1.48 x 2.75 x 2.4 =) 9.79
  • Liverpool, Nottingham F, West Ham (odds 1.28 x 5.6 x 2.4 =) 17.2
  • Wolves, Nottingham F, West Ham (odds 2.75 x 5.6 x 2.4 =) 23.52

5 Fourfolds:

  • Manchester U, Liverpool, Wolves, Nottingham F (1.52 x 1.48 x 2.75 x 5.6 =) 34.64
  • Manchester U, Liverpool, Wolves, West Ham (1.52 x 1.48 x 2.75 x 2.4 =) 14.85
  • Manchester U, Liverpool, Nottingham F, West Ham (1.52 x 1.48 x 5.6 x 2.4 =) 30.23
  • Manchester U, Wolves, Nottingham F, West Ham (1.52 x 2.75 x 5.6 x 2.4 =) 56.18
  • Liverpool, Wolves, Nottingham F, West Ham (1.48 x 2.75 x 5.6 x 2.4 =) 54.70

One Accumulator:

  • Manchester U, Liverpool, Wolves, Nottingham F, West Ham (1.52 x 1.48 x 2.75 x 5.6 x 2.4 =) 83.14

Total Potential Winnings (per unit stake): 495.05

canadian bet

Potential placement of Canadian bet a £1 per unit. Note the odds listed here had changed from the moment we started calculating potential winnings, as they usually do.

Why Would You Want to Place a Canadian Bet?

If you are confident about the results for which you are placing your bets, it makes more sense to place a Canadian bet than five singles. The potential winnings from five correct selections for a £26 Canadian bet would be £495.05 in our example bet above. Compare this to five singles at £5 each:

  • Manchester U win 1.52 at £5 = £7.60
  • Liverpool win 1.48 at £5 = £7.40
  • Wolves win 2.75 at £5 = £13.75
  • Nottingham F win 5.6 at £5 = £28
  • West Ham win 2.4 at £5 = £12

Total return = £68.75.

Naturally, nearly £500 is a lot more than £70, so if you are confident that your selections are going to be winners, then placing a Canadian bet as opposed to five singles makes a lot more sense.[/su_note]

Drawbacks of Canadian Bets

The main drawback of this type of wager is that really a minimum of three selections need to come in order to make the bet worthwhile. Naturally, if you don’t get a single winner or just one winner from a Canadian bet, then you won’t get back a penny. Even two selections will barely cover the ‘cost’ of your bet, so it’s mainly a minimum of three.

However, bear in mind the returns from single bets where most of them are losses are just as bad. In our continuing example, say only Manchester United won. The return of £7.60 from a £25 bet is hardly something the crack open the champagne about.

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Peter Addison
Top Canadian Bet Tip

Don't Count Your Chickens, or Your Winnings!

Like an acca, it is easy to get carried away with your potential winnings from a Canadian bet. While the returns from a Canadian bet can be large, they are only really substantial if four or five of your selections are winners. It’s easily to get blown away by potential winnings from a Canadian bet, leading to disappointments should your selections let you down. As not receiving ‘expected’ winnings can be an emotional experience, it can lead to over-betting. It’s best not to concentrate on potential winnings from a Canadian bet, and instead take any winnings from a bet over your initial stake as a success once all selection have been settled.

Let’s say Wolves, Nottingham Forest and West Ham all won, with Manchester United and Liverpool drawing. With our Canadian bet we got three doubles and a treble correct, winning back a total of around £59. For three singles, the return would have been £53.75, so with just three winners we are already into the realms of a Canadian bet drawing in more cash than singles.

So, in conclusion the main drawback of a Canadian bet is that you really need it to return a minimum of three winners in order to make it more worthwhile than placing singles. Remember though, with four or five winners in a Canadian bet, your winnings will certainly begin to eclipse the returns from five singles.

Popular Sports for Canadian Bets

The most popular sport for Canadian bets is horse racing, followed by football and others. Here we take a look at each of the most popular sports for Canadian bets.

What is a Canadian Bet in Horse Racing?

The Canadian bet is traditionally a horse racing bet. It was the custom for track bookies to accept five selections at a meeting and add all 26 bets to the book for the punter placing the bet. When betting shops were legalised in the 1960s, they would accept system bets such as Canadian bets too, although they would allow the selections to be spread across different meetings.

These days, thanks to online bookies in the UK you can place a Canadian horse bet online at multiple meetings, over multiple days, across multiple continents. You can place an each way Canadian bet, in which half of each leg stake goes on a win bet, and half on a place bet. These bets are kept separate though – so if three of your selections win but only two place, then the win side of your Canadian bet will only return a single double, whereas the place side will return five successful bets (usually at one quarter of the odds).

What is a Canadian Bet in Football?

High street bookies do not generally take Canadian bets on football, but the option exists at Canadian bet sites, i.e. sites that accept Canadian beta. The UK has the EPL as a popular league for Canadian multiple bet options, with punters choosing five EPL matches from the same match week for their bet. Of course you cannot place an each way Canadian bet on football – that option only really exists on horse racing.

Competitions such as the UEFA Champions League are popular at Canadian bet sites too, with the necessary five selections for a single round of matches. You can of course spread any Canadian bet across as many football leagues or competitions as you want.

What is a Canadian Bet in US Sports?

Okay, so Canada is not in the US (although Canadian teams do compete in US sports leagues) but Canadian bets are popular with US sports betting enthusiasts. Indeed, ‘parlay’ or ’round robin’ bets (system bets that tend to not include singles) are very popular in North American, and of course it was an American who created the ‘Super Yankee’ (which became the Canadian), or so we are led to believe.

Weekly NFL fixture lists are superb for Canadian bets. The NBA and MLB also have an incredible number of games from which you can make your Canadian bet selections.


Greyhounds are great for Canadian bets, and you can create an each way Canadian bet with greyhound races as place bets are applicable to greyhound races. Other team sports such as both rugby codes and ice hockey are good choices, plus cricket as long as he matches you back are limited over fixtures. You can create a ‘Super Yankee’ at Canadian bet sites for any sports, and across multiple sports too, if permitted.

Successful Canadian Bet Strategies

Want to give yourself the best chance of returning money from your Canadian multiple bet placing? Then here are some tips provided, as ever, by our betting experts.

Mix and Match it up When it Comes to the Odds

While it may give you your best chance of winning, having five odds-on bets for your Canadian multiple bet will barely make the returns worth it, especially if just once of your selections doesn’t do the business. Likewise, having five long-shots is just throwing money away. Our tip – choose two odds-on selections, two just over evens, and then one fancied winner with longer odds than your previous four selections.

Cover Your Bets With Singles Too

The sole element of confusion when it comes to learning what is a Canadian 26 bet is that people do not realise (or they forget) that the bet does not include any singles. It can be annoying if your ‘long-shot’ wins but all the other selections with tighter odds let you down. You can mitigate the chances of this happening by placing a single on any long-shot included within your Canadian multiple bet selections. We don’t think it’s worthwhile placing singles on odds-on selections, though.

Don’t Stop at the Canadian Multiple Bet

Have you narrowed down your selections to seven or six, and you can’t decide which selection or selections to drop in order to get them down to five? Well, here’s our tip in this case – don’t! You don’t have to place a Canadian bet as other systems bets with six selections (called a ‘Heinz’ as it consists of six picks) or seven (a ‘Super Heinz’) are available.

Don’t think you have to increase your outlay, either. If you were going to place a £13 Canadian (26 bets at 50p) just place a £13 Heinz instead (57 bets at 23p, or thereabouts, instead).

Canadian Bet vs. Accumulator Bets: Which is Right for You?

Now you have had the Canadian bet explained, this question may surprise you as a Canadian bet contains an accumulator. If you, however, only place an accumulator bet, all your selections have to be winners in order for your entire bet to be a winner. The opposite side of the coin is that the equivalent stake of an acca can be much less that a win-only or each way Canadian bet.

It all comes down to personal choice. Placing £26 on an acca will return much more than placing £26 on a Canadian bet if all selections come in, but unless all your five selections come in with an acca, you won’t win anything. It’s just a question of balancing risk with reward, and that is down to personal choice. Read more on football accumulator.

Top UK Online Bookmakers that are Canadian Bet Sites

Below we have listed five UK betting sites that we think are excellent as Canadian bet sites. Don’t forget that you can place a Canadian bet at any UK betting site even if system bets are not an option. Just go ahead and calculate Canadian bet selections yourself and place the necessary doubles, trebles, four-folds and acca yourself.

You can also find top UK bookies with free bet offers at our site.

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Wrap Up

We’ve fully explained the Canadian bet meaning and (possible) derivation, and how you place a win-only or each way Canadian bet. We’ve even gone as far as providing an example of how to calculate Canadian bet (potential) winnings (and if you need any help calculating winnings or potential winnings from any bet, just use one of our bet calculators).

Now you know how does a Canadian bet work, why not hop across to one of our recommended Canadian bet sites and choose your five selections. You can tell your friend what is a Canadian 26 bet too, now that you have become a Canadian bet expert!


What is a Canadian bet in horse racing?

A Canadian bet, also known as a Super Yankee, is a popular multiple bet in horse racing. It consists of 26 separate bets placed on five selections, including ten doubles, ten trebles, five fourfold accumulators, and one fivefold accumulator. This type of bet offers a significant potential for returns if multiple selections win.

How does a Canadian bet work?

A Canadian bet combines five selections into a series of smaller bets. With each selection, the bettor creates various combinations, resulting in a total of 26 bets. If at least two selections win, the bettor will receive a return, and the more selections that win, the greater the potential payout.

Can you explain the Canadian bet in more detail?

Certainly! A Canadian bet involves selecting five horses in horse racing or any other sports event. The bettor places ten double bets (combining two selections), ten treble bets (combining three selections), five fourfold accumulator bets (combining four selections), and one fivefold accumulator bet (combining all five selections). This approach increases the chances of winning and offers potential returns even if not all selections are successful.

Are there any Canadian bet sites that offer this type of wager?

Yes, many online sports betting platforms offer Canadian bets as part of their wagering options. Popular bookmakers like William Hill, BetUK, and Bet365 provide Canadian bets for horse racing and other sports. These platforms usually have detailed explanations of the betting types available, including Canadian bets.

How do I calculate potential winnings from a Canadian bet?

Calculating potential winnings from a Canadian bet can be complex due to the numerous combinations involved. However, many online sports betting calculators are available to simplify this process. These calculators allow you to input your stake and the odds for each selection, and they will provide an estimate of potential returns based on the outcomes of the different combinations within the Canadian bet.

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