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betting on corners

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Betting on corners is a popular choice for fans of football betting. We’re going to reveal everything that you need to know about corner betting, so you can take advantage of the many corner related markets that are available. We’ve even included some corners betting tips.

What is Betting on Corners?

A corner is given when football teams knock the ball out of play over their own goal line. The opposition are then able to restart the match by kicking the ball back into play, from one of the goal line corners.

betting on corners with Spreadex

You can wager on many markets as part of betting on a football match that concentrate on the number of corners there will be in the game. It’s an option that is less popular than results and goals-based markets, which means that you often find more value when betting on corners.

Popular Corner Betting Markets

Here are some of the most popular markets that you will encounter with football betting on corners.

  • Total Corners – With this market you are betting on the total accumulated number of corners, for both teams. This can be either over the whole match, or a certain period of a football game, such as a specific half. Generally, a specific number of corners is stated and you bet on whether the total will be over or under that amount.
  • Team Corners – These types of corner bets see you wagering on the performance of a single team. You bet on how many corners a specific team will get in a football match, or half. Again, you bet on whether it will be over or under a certain stated total.
  • Asian Corner Betting – A amount of corners is stated. You can bet on whether the total will be higher or lower. If the number of corners is exactly the same as the stated amount in an Asian corners betting market, then your stake is refunded.
  • Corner Match Bet – There are three outcomes with corner match bets. Will Team A have the most corners, or will it be Team B, or will the teams be tied with the same amount of corners?
  • Corner Handicap Betting – You bet on which team will have the most corners, but one team will have a handicap applied and the other side will have an advantage. The aim is to even up the corner market and make the odds closer between the favourite and the underdog.
  • Number of Corners – A number of corners in the match is stated. You then bet on whether the corner count will be above this number, or below it, or will exactly match it.
  • Race to – With this type of corners market, a number is stated and you have to bet on which team will get to that number of corners first, or a third option, which is that neither side will reach that amount.
  • Half With Most Corners – Bet on whether the first-half will have the most corners, or the second-half, or whether the amount per half will be tied.

Why Bet on Corners?

There are a number of attractions when it comes to betting on corners. As you will have seen from the last section, there are all sorts of different corner betting options. This gives you lots of choice and a greater potential to beat the bookie.

It is a sort of bet option that is popular enough to be available on every football game covered by bookmakers that we rate, but not as popular as the results, goals and scorer markets. That can mean that there is a little bit more value available. Both punters and bookies alike, tend to do less research on corners betting markets, than they will for the more obvious markets.

One of the reasons that it can be a fascinating type of market, is that stronger teams that tend to be heavy favourites to win the match, don’t necessarily get lots of corners. It can all come down to the tactics employed. The best teams these days don’t necessarily bombard the area with crosses and will instead, patiently work towards carving out a chance.

Corner Betting Tips

It’s time to give you some betting on corners strategy. Apply these corner betting tips and watch your profitability rise.

Weaker Teams Can Excel

It’s easy to think that the stronger the team, the more likely they are to win lots of corners and that the reverse should apply. While an attacking team have an advantage over defensive teams, when it comes to the number of corners they will amass, it doesn’t tell the whole tale. Tactics and team selection can also play a huge part in match corner betting. A winger that prefers to take on defenders on the outside and to deliver corners, is going to win more corners, than one that cuts inside. A general predilection towards delivering crosses can result in corners being won. Often, it is underdog teams that are more likely to rely on this method, while stronger sides such as Manchester City, prefer to retain possession and end up with less corners per match than you might expect.

Know Your Numbers

It’s easy these days to find out how many corners teams are averaging per match. The average corners numbers are not enough to base your bets on alone, but they provide a good guide. Consider teams’ averages, alongside tactical styles and other factors. It’s also worth looking at the average amount of corners in different football leagues. Some leagues average a lot more corners than others. Get to know which ones are likely to see an overs bet win and which ones are more likely to see unders. It is this sort of speciality knowledge that can enable you to gain an advantage over the bookie.

Consider Set Piece Specialists and Big Players

A corner bet strategy to consider is looking towards backing teams that have a reliable set piece specialist, such as West Ham’s James Ward-Prowse, who joined from Southampton after their relegation. Such sides, will be keen to get corners and will deliberately engineer situations where they are likely to win them, as then it affords their specialist a chance to put a quality cross into the box. The same is true for teams that have a number of tall players that carry an aerial threat. They will be keen to win corners, especially if they have a numerical advantage when it comes to players that are 6ft and over.

Defensive Records Also Matter

Look into how good a team are when it comes to defending corners, before placing your corner bets. If a team has a great record at defending corners and rarely concede a goal from that method, then the opposition will put less emphasis into getting into positions where they can win corners and will instead look for other ways of scoring. The reverse is true. If a side regularly concedes from corner kicks, the opposition will be keen to create opportunities that put them under pressure.

Study How Many Corners Teams Are Conceding

Punters will naturally look into how many corners teams are winning on average, rather than the numbers that they are conceding. Most football fans are drawn to attacking play, rather than defensive qualities, so this is quite normal. Yet it is just as important a stat to consider, when considering the likely number of corners in a match. A team that is adept at controlling possession, will concede less corners, as would a side that are defensively strong on the flanks. Sometimes you will find instances when a side that wins a lot of corners, is up against one that don’t concede too many. This can present opportunities to find value, particularly in handicap markets.

Best Betting Site for Corners

You’ll find that corner markets are well covered at all of our recommended sports betting sites. One that we’d particularly recommend is Spreadex as, not only do they provide plenty of different type of corner bet on their fixed odds platform, but they are also spread betting specialists.

With sports spread betting, you can wager on the range of corners and profit accordingly. If you buy a team to get over a certain number of corners, the greater the amount of corners there are in the match, the more money you will win. Essentially, the more right you are the more you win, while the more you are wrong, the more you can lose. Fortunately, Spreadex has loss limits that you can set up, to ensure that things can’t go too wrong with this type of bet.

With Spreadex giving you a generous welcome bonus, that allows you to try out plenty of different football betting markets, including ones that are corner-related, they are a great choice for this area of football betting.


We hope that you enjoyed our guide to betting on corners. You’ve learned about the different corner bet type available and corner betting strategies. By now you should be ready to get involved with some corner betting, so head over to one of our recommended betting sites and try it out.


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Dan Fitch
Dan Fitch
Dan Fitch

A writer and editor for some of the top names in the gambling industry for nearly 20 years, Dan also works as a freelance sports journalist for publications and websites such as ESPN, FourFourTwo and LiveScore.

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