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single stakes about

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A single stakes about is a two-part wager where you two choose two selections taking part in separate events, where the second part of the bet is conditional on the first bet winning and vice-versa. We’re going to explain exactly how these type of bets work, so you can confidently place one yourself.

How a Single Stakes About Bet Works

A single stakes about bet can be a confusing concept for punters. This is not least because it is also commonly known as an up and down bet, or abbreviated to SSA. We’re going to break it down in a way that we hope will prove that it’s actually a simpler type of wager than it might first appear.

With these type of bets you pick two selections, both of which have two single bets placed on them. If one of them wins, it funds an additional bet on the second selection, for the same initial stake. If both of them win, it funds two additional bets at the original stake.

Let’s give you an example that will better demonstrate how this approach to sports betting works. You decide to have a bet on two horse races at Plumpton Racecourse in consecutive events. Both horses in these separate races are priced at 5/1 (6.0).

SSA screenshot

Your stakes for these bets are £5. If you placed them as two singles, the most you could win is £50. With an up-and-down single stakes bet, you could instead win £100. Let’s show you how, by breaking down the two parts of the bet.

Part 1

  • £5 on Horse A at 5/1 returns £30 (£25 in winnings and £5 stake)
  • Bank the £25 profit and put the original £5 stake on Horse B
  • £5 on Horse B returns £30
  • Total profit of £50

Part 2

  • £5 on Horse B at 5/1 returns £30 (£25 in winnings and £5 stake)
  • Bank the £25 profit and put the original £5 stake on Horse A
  • £5 on Horse A returns £30
  • Total profit of £50 + £50 from Part = £100

Different Types of Single Stakes About

There are a number of different types of combination bets that utilise the single stakes about pairs concept. Here are a few examples that you might find at online bookmakers, along with some information as to how these wagers can be broken down.

  • SSA Bet – Two selections producing a total of two bets.
  • Double Stakes About – Two selections producing a total of two bets. Double stakes for the second bet.
  • Round Robin – Three selections producing a total of ten bets. Three SSA (six bets), three doubles, one treble.
  • Flag Bet – Four selections producing a total of 23 bets. Six SSA (12 bets), six doubles, four trebles, one four-fold acca.
  • Super Flag – Five selections producing a total of 46 bets. Ten SSA (20 bets), ten doubles, ten trebles, five four-folds, one five-fold acca.

Pros & Cons of the Single Stakes About Bet Explained

To explain single stakes about bet fully, it is useful to look at the pros and cons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of bet, as we see them.

  • Can win more with this type of bet than when placing two singles
  • Less risky than a double bet
  • Fun wager to place at race meetings
  • Can also be used with betting on football matches and other sports
  • Doesn’t work so well with odds on selections
  • Complicated to work out returns

Single Stakes About Calculator

As you may have noticed, this is one of the more complicated bet types out there. While it’s possible to work out possible winnings from this two-part bet if you’re good with numbers, some people will struggle. It’s important to have an accurate idea regarding your potential returns, so we’d recommend using a stakes about bet calculator.

Even the brightest maths whiz can make a mistake, but you won’t if you employ technology to help you. If you use betting calculators, including our own, thee allow you to play around with the bet details such as the stake, odds and results, to see how much you could win. Whether you prefer fractional or decimal prices, you can even change the current odds format to suit your tastes.

Tips for Single Stakes About & Up And Down Bet

No complete guide to SSA betting would be complete without a few tips and strategies. Follow this advice to be more profitable at your favoured online betting site.

Make Sure it’s the Right Bet

An SSA can be a smart choice, but there are also many other betting types which may be more appropriate. The other multi betting option that is available for two selections is a double. If you are really sure that two horse racing selections will win, then it makes sense to go for a double, as it will provide bigger returns. On the flip side, if you’re really not sure that either selection will win, then two singles may make more sense. If one loses, you will be better off than if you had placed an SSA.

Consider the Betting Odds

Another thing to consider is the odds. There’s nothing to say that you can’t place an SSA when the prices of both of the selections are low, but you could have a situation where only one wins and you end up losing money. If both selections are odds on, then again, it might make more sense to go for a double, as by definition, they both stand a very strong chance of winning. Or, why not combine one short-priced selection with one at bigger odds? Then you have one banker that is likely to win and another pick that will potentially boost your winnings.

Do Your Research

In our previous two points, we’ve talked about situations where you can be sure that one or two of your selections are going to win. You will find that your chances of finding such situations are improved if you do your research. A horse racing betting guide will contain information on form, which can be used to help you to pick winners. Similarly, statistics are available online for just about every other sport that you care to mention, with popular types such as football, cricket and tennis, having a huge amount of resources available. Do your homework and you will find that it pays off, when it comes to being to identify value bets.

Best Bookies for Single Stakes About

An SSA is not a common betting type. As such, it’s not a bet that you should expect to see available as an option on a betting slip at betting sites these days. Generally, you will have to make a request to place this sort of wager.

It is therefore useful to use a bookie that allows you to combine their online and offline services. You can place a bet from your online William Hill account from any of their shops and they also have a telephone betting service, from which you can make such a request.


We hope that you enjoyed our guide to the single stakes about wager and that it comprehensively answered the question of what is an up and down bet. It’s one of the most popular bets for punters and you should now be able to confidently place one yourself. Though often associated with horse racing, a stakes about bet can be used for bets for football selections, or any other sport that you’re interested in, regardless of your preferred market.


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Dan Fitch
Dan Fitch
Dan Fitch

A writer and editor for some of the top names in the gambling industry for nearly 20 years, Dan also works as a freelance sports journalist for publications and websites such as ESPN, FourFourTwo and LiveScore.

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