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what is a treble bet

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Have you come here seeking to find out what is a treble bet? Then you are in luck. Here you will learn what a treble bet is in football, horse racing and other sports, how it works.

If you want to dissect the treble bet meaning, and learn what is a treble multiple bet or what is a treble each way bet, then keep on reading. We also provide a link to our treble bet calculator, to save you from learning how to work out a treble bet winning payout.

Treble Bet Explained – How It Works and What It Offers

A treble bet is a multiple bet that combines three individual selections into one wager. It requires all three selections to be successful in order to yield a return. If any of the selections fails to win, then the entire treble bet is lost. The appeal of a treble bet lies in the potential for higher returns compared to single bets, as the odds for each selection are multiplied together. However, the increased potential for returns also comes with an increased risk due to the requirement of all selections winning.

What is a Treble Bet with 4 Teams?

… or what is a treble bet with 5 teams, or any number of teams? This confuses a number of people, as surely a treble bet has three selections?

If you place a treble bet with 4 teams, you are placing four treble bets. Each bet misses out a single selection, so if your selections are ABCD, then the three trebles are ABC, ABD, ACD and BCD. It’s the same principle, no matter how many selections.

What is a Treble Each Way Bet?

A treble each way bet can usually only be placed on horse racing and greyhounds. It is two bets in one – a win bet and a place bet. If you place a treble each way bet, half your stake goes on the win part, and half on the place part.

If one of your selections fails to win, then the win half of your treble each way bet also fails to win. Likewise, if one of your selections fails to place, then both parts of your treble each way bet lose. Read more on each way bets.

How to Place a Treble Bet

Placing a treble bet is relatively straightforward. You need to select three different outcomes from separate events and combine them into a single bet. Most online bookmakers provide an easy-to-use interface that allows you to choose the three selections and automatically calculates the potential payout. To illustrate the process, let’s consider an example. We’re going to place a horse racing treble bet on three horses at one of our favourite online betting sites in the UK, bet365.

Our selections are all running at Royal Ascot, and they are as follows:

  • 2.30 – Elite Status
  • 3.40 – Al Asifah
  • 5.00 – Quantum Impact

To create our treble bet, we just click on the odds of each horse at the bet365 online site. This will add all three horses to our betslip one by one, as shown below:

treble bet at bet365

As you can see, because we added all three horses to our betslip without setting a stake for each one, the software used at bet365 has assumed that we want to place a treble. It has even worked out the overall odds for us (decimal format) at 26.85. All we need to do now is set our overall stake and hit the ‘place bet’ button to place our treble bet.

Calculating Treble Bet Payouts – How to Work Out a Treble Bet Returns

Calculating the potential payouts of a treble bet can be a bit complex, as the odds of the three selections need to be multiplied together. Happily, the software at many online betting sites will calculate the overall odds for you when you place your treble bet.

However, not all do and you may want to calculate potential winnings without adding selections to your betslip anyway. To help, we have a range of free bet calculators that will simplify this process. These calculators enable you to enter the odds of each selection and the stake, providing an instant calculation of the potential returns.

You will find our neat range of bet calculators available for you here.

Strategies for the Treble Bet Explained – Practical Advice and Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Winning

To improve your chances of winning treble bets, it is essential to develop a sound betting strategy. Here are some practical tips that will help you do that:

Research and Analysis

Thoroughly analyse the form, statistics and recent performances of the teams or individuals involved in your selections. Consider factors such as injuries, suspensions, home advantage and head-to-head records if you are placing a treble bet on football, for example.

Diversify Your Selections

Avoid selecting three outcomes with closely related factors, as a single event can have a domino effect on the others. Instead, choose selections from different sports, leagues or events to minimise the risk of interdependence.

Bankroll Management

Set a budget for your treble bets and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses or increasing your stakes when on a winning or losing streak. Responsible bankroll management is key to long-term success.

Value Betting

Look for selections with odds that you believe are higher than their true probability of occurring. By identifying value bets, you can increase your potential returns over time.

How Does a Treble Bet Work in Different Sports

Treble bets are not limited to a specific sport and can be applied to various events across different disciplines – either the same sport or a selection of multiple markets across different sports. Whether you’re a fan of football, tennis, horse racing, basketball or any other sport, treble bets can add excitement to your betting experience. Here’s how you can apply treble bets to different sports:

  • Football: Treble bets are particularly popular in football. You can select three teams to win their respective matches, or combine different outcomes such as home win, draw or away win. Additionally, you can also include other markets like over/under goals, both teams to score, or specific players to score.
  • Tennis: In tennis, treble bets can be placed on the winners of three individual matches or combine other betting options like set winners, total games, or the occurrence of tiebreaks in matches.
  • Basketball: Treble bets in basketball can involve selecting the winners of three games or combining different markets like point spreads, total points scored, or specific player performances.
  • Horse Racing: Although treble bets are less common in horse racing, they can still be applied by selecting three horses to win their respective races. Keep in mind that horse racing treble bets may require additional research and analysis due to the unpredictability of the sport.

Treble Bet vs. Accumulator – Key Differences and Considerations

It is important to distinguish between a treble bet and an accumulator, as they are often used interchangeably but have distinct characteristics. While a treble bet involves three selections, an accumulator bet comprises four or more selections. The main difference lies in the number of selections required for a return. In a treble bet, all three selections must win, whereas in an accumulator, all selections must win for a return to be achieved.

Considerations for choosing between a treble bet and an accumulator include risk tolerance, potential returns, and the likelihood of success. Treble bets offer slightly lower potential returns but are considered less risky compared to accumulators due to the fewer number of selections required.

Advantages of Treble Bets

Treble bets come with several advantages that make them appealing to sports betting punters. We picked out a few, and you can see them below.

  1. Higher Potential Returns

    Treble bets offer the potential for higher returns compared to single bets, as the odds of all three selections are multiplied together.
  2. Reduced Risk

    Treble bets involve fewer selections compared to accumulators, making them less risky. If one selection fails, you still have a chance to win with the remaining two.
  3. Enhanced Excitement

    Combining three selections into a single bet amplifies the excitement and anticipation, especially when the potential payout is significant.

Common Mistakes in Treble Betting – Pitfalls to Avoid for UK Bettors

Because a treble bet has three selections and all three selections need to be winners in order for your entire treble bet to win, being as accurate as you can with your treble bets is crucial. Here are some common treble bet pitfalls that you should strive to avoid:

Lack of Research

Failing to conduct thorough research and analysis on the teams, players, or horses involved can lead to poor selection choices and reduced chances of success.

Emotional Betting

Allowing emotions to dictate your selections is usually be detrimental. It’s important to make objective decisions based on data and analysis. rather than personal biases or allegiances.

Overlooking Odds Value

Failing to assess the value of odds can result in missed opportunities for higher returns. Look for selections where the odds are greater than their actual probability of occurring.

Poor Bankroll Management

Mismanaging your betting budget can lead to excessive losses. Set a sensible bankroll, avoid chasing losses and stick to a sensible staking plan.

Where Can I Place a Treble Bet?

Treble bets can be placed at various online bookmakers that offer sports betting services. In the UK, several reputable bookmakers provide the option to place treble bets.

It is important to choose a bookmaker that suits your preferences and offers competitive odds, a user-friendly platform, and a wide range of sports and events to bet on. Additionally, consider factors such as customer support, payment options and promotions or bonuses available for treble bets.

Wrap Up

A treble bet is a popular type of bet that combines three selections into one wager. It offers the potential for higher returns compared to single bets but comes with increased risk, as all three selections must be successful for a return to be achieved. By following a sound betting strategy, conducting research, and avoiding common mistakes you can enhance your chances of winning treble bets.

Remember to carefully consider the odds, diversify your selections, and practice responsible bankroll management. Also remember that no matter how successful your treble betting becomes, betting overall should be viewed as a source of entertainment and never of means of generating a steady stream of reliable income.


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