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what is btts in betting

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So what is BTTS in betting? You have probably seen this initialisation at sports betting sites and wondered what it means. Well, wonder no more, as after reading this page you will know fully what is BTTS in betting, and how you could turn it to your advantage.

This page will fully explain what is the meaning of BTTS in betting, how you can place a BTTS acca, other options when it comes to BTTS, and some crucial BTTS tips.

BTTS in Betting Explained

Let’s get the easiest aspect of what is BTTS in betting out of the way first. The initialisation BTTS stands for ‘both teams to score’, and is usually applied to football. If you place a BTTS bet, you are simply betting on both teams to score during the match. If the game ends goalless, or one side manages to keep a clean sheet, then your bet is a losing one.

The above describes ‘BTTS – Yes’, but you can also place a ‘BTTS – No’ bet. Here, you are betting on at least one side to keep a clean sheet. If both teams score at least one goal during the match, then your ‘BTTS – Yes’ bet will fail.

One important thing to note here – in terms of cup matches, BTTS only applies to the 90 minute period. Your BTTS bet will be settled once regulation time plus any time to be added on is completed. If the game you have bet on goes into extra time, then any goals scored in extra time do not count! One other thing, penalties shoot-out goals certainly do not count for BTTS bets!

How to place a BTTS bet

Placing a BTTS bet is extremely simple, and we are going to walk you through an example bet at one of our favourite UK betting sites, bet365. We are going to place a bet on the Euro U21 finals match between Czechia and England.

btts 1

The option for the BTTS bet is not available via the main screen, so we click on the event to explore further options.

btts 2

As you can see, we have found the options for BTTS. We can bet on ‘Yes’ at odds of 2.00 (Evens), and ‘No’ at odds of 1.75 (3/4). We decide to go for ‘Yes’, so we click on the ‘2.00’ odds to add our bet to the betslip.

btts 3

Here is our betslip with our BTTS odds. We have set our stake to £5, which will return us £10 if our bet is correct. All we need to do now is click ‘Place Bet’, and our bet will then be on!

BTTS and Win

Now what’s BTTS in betting has explained to you, we’re going to explore some associated options. BTTS and win is a popular double bet that can enhance your odds for a winning bet, and enhance your chances of winning. It’s a combination bet that doubles up a win bet and a BTTS yes/no bet on the same game. There are two options:

  • Win and BTTS Yes – Here you are selecting one side to win, but also saying that the winning side will concede at least one goal
  • Win and BTTS No – With this combination bet you are betting on the side to win and to keep a clean sheet.

If one side is a clear favourite for a match the odds for them winning can be disappointing. You can improve those odds slightly by betting on them instead winning and keeping a clean sheet, or winning but conceding at least one goal. In our example above, England were the favourites at 1.44 so, combining the BTTS option will generate the following improved odds.

  • England and BTTS Yes = 1.44 x 2.00 = 2.88
  • England and BTTS No = 1.44 x 1.75 = 2.52

As you can see, the odds of England and BTTS – no matter the option you choose – will be better than simply backing England to win.

Both Teams to Score in Both Halves

The both teams to score in both halves is a bet which says what it says on the tin – both teams have to score at least one goal in each half of a game of football. Like regular BTTS tips, you can bet on ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

We are not sure that we can recommend wagering on both teams to score in both halves. Goal times can be something of a lottery, and picking ‘no’ for this bet will result in very poor odds.

How to Pick Winning BTTS bets

Picking winning BTTS bets can be difficult, but with a little bit of knowledge and understanding you can up your chances of being consistently correct with your choices.

  • BTTS Yes – Here you are looking for matches involving two teams that both score and concede plenty of goals. Also look for teams that do not keep many clean sheets.
  • BTTS No – Here you are looking for matches involving two teams that do not score many goals, but do not concede many either. Also look for teams that keep clean sheets.

Let’s take the 2022-23 EPL season as an example. Kings of goals scored and conceded were Tottenham (70 scored, 63 conceded). Games involving Manchester City and Arsenal also contained plenty of goals, but it was usually Manchester City and Arsenal scoring them! Brighton scored a lot of goals (72) but conceded more than once per game (53). Naturally, most of the teams at the bottom had difficulty in keeping clean sheets, but even Tottenham kept 10, and Brighton 12.

You’d think perhaps Tottenham’s games v Brighton would be good ‘BTTS Yes’ options based on this data, and indeed it finished Tottenham 2 Brighton 1 at White Hart Lane. Sadly, at the AMEX it was a Brighton goal-shy day as Tottenham won 1-0.


‘BTTS No’ should be slightly easier, right? Just pick games where teams with lots of clean sheets (Manchester United 17, Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle 14) are playing teams who either don’t score very often (Wolves 31, Everton 34, Nottingham Forest 38) or have plenty of games where they don’t find the net (Bournemouth 18, Crystal Palace 16, Wolves 15).

With these stats in mind, it seems Manchester United v Wolves would be an excellent pick for ‘BTTS No’, and indeed you’d be correct as Wolves failed to score against the Red Devils at all in the EPL in the 2022-23 season.

Another option would be to choose sides with the least number of goals in the games they played. Here in the EPL in 2022-23 that would be Bournemouth and (again) Wolves, and indeed it finished Bournemouth 0 Wolves 0 at Dean Court, and Wolves 0 Bournemouth 1 at Molineux that season.

One final option – backing a side (BTTS No) that find it hard to score away from home when they are playing away from home. Kings of visitor goal-shyness in 2022-23 were Nottingham Forest who only scored 11 goals away from home all season. Backing games ‘BTTS No’ when Forest were away in 2022-23 would have been correct 11 times out of 19.

Please note that you can check all the stats listed above at the EPL’s stats centre site here. This resource could also become a valuable asset for future BTTS tips.

Both Teams to Score Acca

If you want to add risk to your BTTS acca with the chance of a larger payout, then a BTTS acca is the way to go. Here you can chain together several BTTS bets in the hope that they are all correct. Of course, they all have to be correct for your overall acca to win.

You can mix and match BTTS bets in your both teams to score acca, with ‘BTTS Yes’ and ‘BTTS No’ bets mixing it up. You can also, if you wish, add other betting options such as straight up 1X2 bets, over/under and so on. No matter what you do, remember that all your both teams to score predictions and any other bets in your acca all have to be correct in order for your acca to generate a return. Read more about football accas.

BTTS Betting Odds

Calculating both teams to score betting odds is easy as long as you use decimal odds. All you need to do is multiple your stake by the odds in order to gauge your potential returns. If it’s a both teams to score acca, then just multiply all the decimals odds together and then the total by your stake for your potential winning returns.

If you are more used to fractional odds, then multiple the odds by your stake and then add your stake back on to get your returns. Do the same for each step of any both teams to score acca you place.

If you ever struggle with calculating potential winnings for any kind of bet, you can get help from one of our handy range of betting calculators.

Why You Want to Consider BTTS Bets

All bets come with an element of risk as upsets can happen. Straight 1X2 bets are tough to predict, plus if a team is a shoo-in for a match, the odds are not going to be brilliant.

When it comes to goal scoring though, teams do tend to be more consistent. In the 2022-23 EPL season for example, it was a nailed-on certainty that Erling Haaland-led Manchester City would score at least once in every game they played. In addition, teams such as Bournemouth, Wolves, Everton and Nottingham Forest found scoring consistently incredibly tough, plus Tottenham and Leeds had trouble keeping the ball out of their own net, no matter what Harry Kane and Rodrigo were doing at the other end of the pitch.

You can use this consistency to your advantage when placing bets. BTTS and win tips are a good idea too, as can improve the odds of your fancied team winning by gauging whether their opponents are likely to score in the game or not.

Mistakes to Avoid in BTTS Betting

It’s time now for some more BTTS tips, in terms of the mis-steps you should avoid when both teams to score betting:

Not Doing Your Research

Football may be about teams, but those teams are made up of players. Manchester United were the kings of clean sheets in 2022-23, but how much of that was down to David de Gea? Spurs scored 70 goals in that season, but Harry Kane scored 30 of them. Would any BTTS tips have been accurate if De Gea or Kane had been missing from their sides in the games you bet on?

BTTS Betting for the Sake of BTTS Betting

No matter how much you love BTTS betting, and how successful you are, do not place BTTS bets for the sake of it. If a week swings by and you have no decent BTTS tips, then don’t place any both teams to score betting wagers. Have a week off betting, or trying some different bets.

Chasing Your Losses

All bettors have losing streaks now and again, no matter how decent their both teams to score predictions have been in the past. If this happens to you just keep betting consistently, and don’t try and chase the money you’ve lost. Remember, there are always organisations such as GAMSTOP that help if you feel your gambling is getting out of hand.

Where Can I Place a BTTS Bet?

You can follow your BTTS and win tips, both teams to score in both halves predictions and BTTS acca wagers at any sports book in the UK. We have curated a list of the best UK online bookmakers. Feel free to choose a bookie or range of bookies from our recommendations, or make your own choices. You will find that nearly all online bookies in the UK will allow BTTS Yes/No bets on nearly all football matches taking place, globally.

Wrapping Up

Now you know what is the meaning of BTTS in betting, you might now consider coming up with your own BTTS tips. Why not have a go at making a few both teams to score predictions, or place a both teams to score acca? BTTS and win tips could be another way of gaining some betting success.

Always remember to gamble responsibly, and the best of luck with your both teams to score betting.

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