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double result bet

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Double Result can refer to a type of sports betting market in football or a promotion offered by bookies for horse racing. When utilised correctly, both provide tangible ways to increase your profit margin.

If you’d like to learn more about the Double Result Bet in football, keep reading. We’ll also cover what it means for your bets in horse racing, providing examples and strategy tips as we go.

What Does Double Result Mean in Betting?

Double Result wagers, also known as Double Chance, mean different things in different sports. This guide explains what they mean in both football and horse racing, which are the two most popular sports people bet on at UK betting sites.

What is Double Result in Football Betting?

In football betting, Double Result refers to 2-in-1 betting markets where punters bet on both the half-time and full-time results of a football match. Also known as Double Chance, Half-Time/Full-Time bet, or Both Halves markets, these bets combine two results.

Unlike 1×2 betting markets, they are not settled when a team wins. Instead, team performances at half-time and full-time in a football match count toward bet settlement.

Double Result Bet HalfTime Full Time

Predictions for two scenarios in this type of wager mean that Double Result betting odds can be better than simply backing a team to win. You can also switch things up by backing Team A at halftime and Team B at fulltime, the draw at halftime and Team B at fulltime, and any other potential scenarios.

Football betting fans may opt to take this bet to increase potential profits. For example, in situations where strong teams can be backed to be leading after 45 minutes and 90 minutes, respectively. Essentially, understanding the markets and knowing how to bet on football the right way can help.

What is a Double Result Bet in Horse Racing?

In horse racing, Double Result is a type of concession or promotion offered by some bookies. Also known as First Past the Post, eligible bookies pay out against betting odds on the first horse past the post and the official winner when a Stewards’ Enquiry is necessary.

As the official result is decided following an enquiry, bets remain open until a firm decision has been made. Although one horse may appear to have won the race, they can be demoted, disqualified, or downgraded if the stewards believe rules have been broken.

Double Result Bet Offer

The Double Result meaning, in the context of horse racing, is that bookies pay punters who bet on the initial “winner” and the official winner.

You won’t find Double Result odds on horse racing apps or sites as it is not a bet type. Not in the same way as you would for Double Chance bets/Double Result bets in football. Instead, it can be seen more as a promotion or type of insurance for punters.

How Does a Double Result Bet Work?

Double Result bets in football come with an element of control. In the sense that you can bet on two scenarios within a single game. For example, Manchester City to lead Manchester United at half-time and full-time. Predicting both scenarios correctly at football betting sites means you win your bet.

In horse racing, you can’t bet on a horse to win at the halfway point of the race and lose at the end, like Double Chance in football. It’s best to consider Double Result, not as a bet type, but as a promotion.

Here are examples of Double Result bets in both sports.

Double Result Bet Example for Football

Let’s dive right into the first example for football. In this scenario, Premier League rivals Manchester City play Manchester United. As you can see, there are nine possible combinations of half-time and full-time results. We have added example wins for each scenario, which explains how things work.

Half-Time Result Full-Time Result Example Win
Man City Man City Man City 1-0; Man City 2-1
Man City Draw Man City 1-0; Draw 1-1
Man City Man Utd Man City 1-0; Man Utd 2-1
Draw Man City Draw 1-1; Man City 3-1
Draw Draw Draw 0-0; Draw 1-1
Draw Man Utd Draw 1-1; Man Utd 3-1
Man Utd Man City Man Utd 1-0; Man City 2-1
Man Utd Draw Man Utd 1-0; Draw 2-2
Man Utd Man Utd Man Utd 1-0; Man Utd 1-0

If we are betting on Man City half-time and full-time, any scenario where The Citizens lead their neighbours at both halves wins you your bet. This could be 1-0; 2-1 or 5-0; 10-0. As long as they have at least a one-goal lead after the first half and at the end of the game, you win your bet.

It is important to note that teams do not need to score a goal in each half – as long as they are in front, that’s all that matters. Markets are set at 90 minutes (plus added time), meaning extra time does not count.

Horse Racing Double Result Example

In horse racing, Double Result is considered an offer or promotion. There is no technical strategy for how to bet on horses with Double Result odds, as they don’t exist. But here’s an example of a racecard with odds to aid our example.

You back Park Of Kings to win while your friend backs Redwood Queen. Park Of Kings beats Redwood Queen as the first horse past the post. However, a Stewards Enquiry is called with Park Of Kings disqualified due to improper riding on the part of the jockey. Redwood Queen is promoted to winner. Both you and your friend receive payouts according to the odds, below.

Double Result Bet Example Horse

Betting with bookies that offer Double Result on horse racing helps punters win in two scenarios. Should your horse be demoted or disqualified from a winning position (Park Of Kings) or be instated as the winner following a Stewards’ Enquiry (Redwood Queen) you win your bet.

Some bookies will only pay Double Result/First Past the Post in some scenarios, such as only on UK and Irish races covered in Full Service. However, bet365 has an excellent offer covering multiple scenarios. They pay out on winners and each-way bets for UK and Ireland, US, Germany, France, South Africa, and Mauritius racing where Fixed Odds are offered.

Another great thing about that offer is it covers several different types of bets such as Ante-Post, Each Way Extra, Cover Bets, Betting Without, Enhanced Win, Place Only, Not To Be Placed, Forecasts and Tricasts. They pay out on First Past the Post, regardless of the stewards’ findings, too.

Pros & Cons of Double Result Betting

As with most bet types, Double Chance betting markets are suitable for some punters but not for everyone. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if they could work for you.

  • Insurance for Horse Racing Bets
  • Football Double Chance Bets Come with Increased Odds
  • Better Value Betting Opportunities
  • More Exciting and Engaging
  • Good Additions to Bet Builders
  • Football Results Harder to Predict
  • May Require More Research

Double Result Betting Strategy That Works

You can potentially increase your chances of winning when betting Double Result in a single match by using our strategy tips. In horse racing, the only real strategic approach is finding bookies that pay out for First Past the Post and counting your potential winnings in the case of a Stewards’ Enquiry.

Here are three tips that will help.

Utilise Live Betting Markets

Wagering at bookies with live betting markets gives you more control over your Double Result bets. You can increase your chances of making profits in many ways – these include waiting to get a better sense of the flow of the game, holding off for value, or laying bets.

Target Slow Starters/Strong Finishers

The aim of the game is to predict the winner of a half and the winner at full-time. Look for Double Chance markets for teams that may be slow to start but strong to finish, and vice versa.

Always Use Stats and Data

We believe there is value in using Opta stats for footballers and teams to figure out performance trends. For example, you may find trends in strikers scoring early or teams capitulating in the second half that could influence your bets.

Best Bookie for a Double Result Bet

All our recommended bookies offer Double Result bets on football and terms on horse racing events. You can always compare, say the Double Result William Hill terms against what is being offered at Paddy Power to see the difference. Or bet365 Double Result odds against what other bookies provide.

With that being said, we rate William Hill Double Result terms very highly. As one of the horse racing world’s biggest names, this site delivers market-leading prices, Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) on UK and Irish races, and so much more. An institution of racing, William Hill is our top choice for Double Result betting.


Double Result carries two distinctly different meanings in football and horse racing. If you are considering expanding your betting options, practising what you have learned about both may be advantageous in the long run.

We have covered what you need to know about how Double Result works for both sports and provided some examples that will help you plot your wagers the right way. This should give you a great boost going forward. But do feel free to bookmark this page and return to us for a quick refresh, if necessary!


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Adam Haynes
Adam Haynes
Adam Haynes

Adam joined in August 2023, bringing almost a decade of betting knowledge with him. A former writer for, Adam prides himself on spotting a good bet, and loves to share his tips and picks across a wide range of sports and events. Adam is a huge boxing and MMA fan, and started his career writing about both. He is also passionate about his favourite sports teams, which are Glasgow Celtic, Dublin GAA, and Leinster Rugby. At the casino, you're most likely to see him at the poker or blackjack tables. But what he loves more than anything is writing about sports and the gambling industry. You can find his expert insight and commentary right here.

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