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win to nil

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To win to nil in betting, is when you wager on a team for victory in a match without conceding a goal. We’re going to explore everything that you need to know about how this popular type of football betting market works, with practical examples and strategies that you can employ.

How Win to Nil Betting Works

So what does win to nil mean? It is a football market and type of betting option where you can bet on a team to win a match without conceding a goal.

win to nil betting markets

That means that there are effectively two parts of the bet that have to be successful. The team has to win and they must also keep a clean sheet. This opens up the possibility of being successful with fairly common scorelines, such as 1-0 or 2-0. Bigger wins, such as 3-0, 4-0, 5-0 and above, would also give you a winning bet.

To back a team to win to nil adds a layer of complexity to a normal match result win, which gives you bigger odds. How much bigger the odds are, can much depend on the defensive reliability of the team that are being backed to win to nil and the attacking potency of the opposition.

Example of Home Team to Win to Nil

The to win to nil meaning can be better explained with a practical example. We’re going to show you how backing a side to win to nil at home typically works.

Imagine that Newcastle United are facing Brentford at home. The Magpies have a strong record at St James’ Park and are expected to win the game. Going into this match, Newcastle have a good defensive record and often keep clean sheets, but are facing opposition that have a relatively strong attack, who tend to score in most games.

Newcastle are priced at 8/15 (1.53) to win in the 1×2 match result market. They are rated at 13/10 to keep a clean sheet (2.3), in a separate market.

If you back Newcastle to win to nil, which effectively combines these two outcomes, you get odds of 13/8 (2.62). You’ll notice that it’s not a straight case of the match result market odds being added to the clean sheet odds, in a straight double, which would result in a bigger price. That is because there is related contingency to consider. If Newcastle keep a clean sheet, they are far more likely to win the game than if they concede a goal.

Nevertheless, you can see how a home team at a relatively short price to win in the match result market, gets an odds boost by instead being backed to win to nil.

Example of Away Team to Win to Nil

We’re now going to show you an example of an away team winning to nil. We’ve picked a game in which the away team are available at a bigger starting price to win, than was the case with our example of a home win.

Imagine that Wolves are playing away at Luton. The visitors are the favourites against the promoted Luton team at 11/10 (2.1), but are not strongly expected to win, due to their own shortcomings.

Wolves are 7/4 (2.75) to keep a clean sheet. Notice that both the price of Wolves to win and for them to keep a clean sheet, are bigger than in our example involving a better home team.

When you back Wolves to win to nil, you will get odds of 12/5 (3.4). That’s a significantly bigger price than backing Wolves for a straight win, but of course it comes with much more risk. Any goal from Luton would see the win to nil wager lose.

What is to Win Not to Nil?

Having explored the concept of winning to nil, let’s take a look at the to win not to nil meaning. There are essentially a couple of scenarios that can see a win to nil wager end as a loser.

One is for the team to not win. In that instance, a draw or a win for the opposition will result in win to nil becoming a loser.

The other thing that can scupper it is for the opposition to score a goal. So if you back Team A to win and Team B scores a goal, it could be Team B that ends up winning to nil instead. Or, both teams to score could land.

What to Look out for with Win to Nil Bets

It may seem a good idea to back a team to win to nil, rather than a straight victory, because of the increased odds. There are of course drawbacks, that you must learn to avoid.

You are looking to back a team that are not just likely to win, but will enjoy a dominant victory. If a team are winning games, but are very open and tend to let the opposition have plenty of chances, then win to nil is unlikely to be the right bet.

Backing a team with a solid defence is a must. Another thing to consider is the strength of the opposition attack. There are some teams, that may lose plenty of games, but always seem to get on the scoresheet.

If you have two teams with very strong defences, backing one of them to win to nil can be risky. Your team might achieve this aim, but so might the opposition and there is also the increased likelihood of a 0-0 draw.

Look out for injury and suspension news. A reliable defence can be thrown into chaos if key personnel are not available.

Tips for Making Good Win to Nil Predictions

You may now be ready to place some sports bets on a team to win to nil. Here are some betting strategies to consider that will help your profitability.

Do Your Research

Betting on one team to beat another is a relatively simple bet and in some cases can have a pretty obvious outcome. Yet even when a strong side are playing a relatively weak one, backing them to win to nil adds a layer of complexity that demands some research. Look at the defensive record and attacking outputs of both teams. Don’t just study the goals that are being conceded/scored, but also the amount of chances being created at both ends, with expected goals a useful stat, that is commonly known as xG. Team news can be vital. Look into respective home and away records.

Keep Eye Out For Diminished Attacks

The ideal situation when you back a team to win to nil, is for the opposition to be expected to score, but for there to be some reason why this is less likely. This can result in a bigger price for the team to win while keeping a clean sheet, than should really be the case. The reason could be an injury to a key attacker. It might not be the striker who always finds the net, but someone less obvious, who provides a lot of assists or important attacking passes. Suspension can create the same scenario. Then there’s good old fashioned fatigue. A strong attack could be less potent if they have played in midweek, particularly if some extra time was involved.

Look at Different Possibilities

You might fancy the look of a team to win to nil, but it is always worth checking against other options that might also land. You might think that the team could edge it 1-0 or 2-0, but consider 3-0 or 4-0 unlikely. In that case you might be better off backing the 1-0 and 2-0 correct score markets instead. The odds of a win and under 2.5 goals, may also be more attractive. Might it make some sense to split your stake and put half the money on the team to win to nil and half on a straight victory? Look at a variety of different possibilities at your bookie, before placing your bet. You might be able to construct a Bet Builder, that is similar to win to nil, but with slightly bigger odds. It also makes sense to check what the win to nil odds are across a range of different bookmakers, to make sure that you get the right price.

Best Bookies for a Win to Nil Bet

Win to nil is one of the most popular football markets around. With football being the main focus of just about every online bookmaker, you can be assured that the win to nil option will be available, regardless of the betting sites you choose to gamble with.

If you’re looking for a recommendation for this bookmaker, then our experts have one. It’s bet365 that they put forward for the simple reason that certain markets have an early payout. QuinnBet, William Hill and BetVictor are other bookies to look out for.


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Dan Fitch
Dan Fitch
Dan Fitch

A writer and editor for some of the top names in the gambling industry for nearly 20 years, Dan also works as a freelance sports journalist for publications and websites such as ESPN, FourFourTwo and LiveScore.