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what does 1 point 5 goals mean

We independently review betting sites. Sign-ups through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you, this never influences our listings’ order.

1.5 goals is a betting market whereby bookmakers set a threshold to bet over or under. Online bookies offer this market type on football matches from almost every top league and tournament in the world. For anyone wondering what does 1.5 goals mean in betting, our detailed guide explains how it works. We also provide expert tips to help you get the most out of your 1.5 goals bets.

What Does Over 1.5 Goals Mean in Betting?

It means when betting over 1.5 goals, you need two or more goals scored to win your bet. In football betting over/unders for a match, goals from both teams contribute. Some markets are tailored to goals scored by one team, or even a player from that team.

One of the most common questions in football betting is this – “There is no such thing as 0.5 (half) of a goal, so what does over 1.5 goals mean in betting?” Sure, half goals do not exist. But un this case, they are introduced by bookies as a hypothetical line that creates a 50/50 betting scenario.

Here’s an example of an over 1.5 goals market, taken from Paddy Power. You can find odds for under 1.5 goals, too.

What Does Over 1.5 Goals Mean in Betting Example

Most football betting markets have three possible outcomes – win, lose, or draw. These can all be backed as singles. But over/unders have over (one) and under (two) markets to choose from.

In the example above, the bookies have set odds of 15/8 that Scotland v England has over 1.5 first-half goals. If both Scotland and England score to finish the half 1-1, anyone betting the “over” wins. Should the first half finish 0-0, or 1-0 to either side, the 4/11 “under” odds are paid out.

The over 1.5 goals meaning/phrasing can be confusing when you’re starting out. But it ensures there is no draw result. With no potential for a tie, these markets can be excellent to bet on with free bets, especially when you apply strong football betting knowledge when backing them. We talk a little later about how you can consider free-scoring /profligate strikers, loose and in-form defences, weather, and other factors.

What Does Under 1.5 Goals Mean in Betting?

Having covered the over 1.5 odds, it’s now time to ask yourself what does under 1.5 goals mean in betting. Answer time – it’s as simple as betting on the total goals in the match under 1.5. This means one goal or a 0-0 draw will do, if you back the under.

Odds for both the over and under 1.5-goal betting markets can be found at the best UK betting sites. Use the following example to work out if your wager would be a winner or a loser, depending on the score.

Result Under 1.5 Goals Over 1.5 Goals




Either Team 1-0






Either Team 2-0



Either Team 2-1



Any Other Result Lose Win

As the table above points out, there are more opportunities to win backing the over 1.5 goals market. But that doesn’t mean this will always make for the best bet (or worst odds). When two defence-heavy teams of equal stature are playing, you might be lucky to see a goal, let alone three or more.

We safely leave any questions about “what does 1.5 goals mean in betting” to one side. But feel free to read up on the meaning of 2.5 goals in betting, if you’d like to expand your knowledge on betting over/under betting markets.

Pros and Cons for Betting Over/Under 1.5 Goals

As with any betting market, there are pros and cons for the under and over 1.5 goal markets. Here’s a quick look at the most important points to consider on both sides of the coin.

  • More Interesting than 1X2 Football Bets
  • 50% Chance of Winning
  • Can Bet on Half-Time and Full-Time Markets
  • Potential for Early Settlement
  • Available for Most Matches
  • Bets Often Settle Quicker
  • Low Odds For Most Bets

Over 1.5 Goals Strategy (That Works)

Betting strategies should be built around why something is likely to occur. Here are three over 1.5 goals strategy tips to complement your football betting nous and expertise.

Target Matches that Matter

Teams playing for something tend to be more aggressive and attack-minded. This can, in turn, leave them vulnerable at the back, creating a scenario where more goals are possible. A good example of a match that matters is a team fighting for survival, such as a relegation dogfight between teams in the Premier League. The more at stake, the likelier a team is to look for goals.

Eat Up the Stats

Team news. Head-to-head results. The form of strikers. The potential for lots of goals. These, and a lot more, can help you predict the winner of football matches. Whether it’s the Champions League or La Liga, you can find stats for individual and team performances within minutes. Using statistics available from bookies like bet365 can help you build a fact-based, scientific over 1.5 goals system or strategy.

Consider Trends

You may be happy to learn that 1-1 is the most common scoreline in football history. But it’s hardly a recent trend. A 2013 study conducted by Sargasso covered over one million football matches from 1901, finding 1-1 occurred 11% of the time. While not always applicable, it bodes well for anyone looking for a more rewarding football betting experience.

Effective Under 1.5 Goals Strategy

The beauty of a 1.5 goal betting strategy is that you can simply flip the over strategy on its head and go with that. But there is more to an effective strategy for under bets.

Look for Value

There are many times when the under bet simply offers more betting value than the over. One of the best examples of this would be an international friendly between two teams missing key attacking players. If you spot odds that don’t account for a perceived lack of goals, consider taking them. Also, keep an eye on the prices on lesser popular bets markets, such as alternates.

Back Sides with Strong Goalies

Teams with leaky defences aren’t always sensible bets, when you consider the under 1.5 goals meaning. The same applies to goalkeepers with slippy fingers. If you are taking the under bet, it is almost always better to do so in games where both sides have good structures and miserly goalkeepers. Fewer goals mean the closer you are to winning your bet or football accumulator.

Feel the Match Out First

External factors like better than expected weather, or top goal scorers returning from injury, can wreak havoc on your plans. Others may slice the odds on that 1.5 first-half goals bet that you were adamant on placing. If you are unsure about which way to go, it’s worth remembering that there are under 1.5 goal markets available in live betting form. Use them to get a better sense of the flow of the match.

Over/Under 1.5 Goals Betting Markets

There are several markets to target with over/under 1.5 goals. You will find plenty of opportunities on the leading football betting sites and apps. These include the following markets.

  • Match Result – Will the combined score of both teams be over or under 1.5 goals, after 90 minutes? Almost all sites offer this market, with some providing new customer betting offers to try them out.
  • 1st Half – Bet on the 1.5 goal over/under after the first half has ended.
  • 2nd Half – You can choose to bet the 1.5 over/under for the 2nd half result, or even use a bet builder to add in the previous markets.
  • Team – Will the total number of goals by one team exceed 1.5 goals, or fall under that number?
  • Individual Player – Some betting sites will also allow you to bet on whether a player, such as Harry Kane, will score over/under 1.5 goals in a match.
  • Specials – Bookies often combine odds for the over/under 1.5 goal market into special bets, along with other markets. For example, Brazil to score over 1.5 goals and the correct score/ Vinicius Jr. to score a hat trick in a FIFA World Cup match.

Best Bookies for Betting on Over Under 1.5 Goals

All bookies worth their salt have over 1.5 first-half goals betting markets. Many these days provide these markets in both pre-match and live formats, making for even more betting options. Read our Betfair review to find out why they are our top choice for betting on over/unders in football, at the time of writing. Or,  sign up for their new customer offer and see what you think!


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Adam Haynes
Adam Haynes
Adam Haynes

Adam joined in August 2023, bringing almost a decade of betting knowledge with him. A former writer for, Adam prides himself on spotting a good bet, and loves to share his tips and picks across a wide range of sports and events. Adam is a huge boxing and MMA fan, and started his career writing about both. He is also passionate about his favourite sports teams, which are Glasgow Celtic, Dublin GAA, and Leinster Rugby. At the casino, you're most likely to see him at the poker or blackjack tables. But what he loves more than anything is writing about sports and the gambling industry. You can find his expert insight and commentary right here.

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