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A Lucky 63 bet is a full cover wager consisting of 63 separate bets across six selections. Just one winning selection guarantees a partial return.

That answers the basic question, “What is a Lucky 63 bet?” Would you like to learn more? Great. Keep reading for a comprehensive explanation of how a Lucky 63 works, examples of Lucky 63 bets, and some valuable strategy tips and advice.

How Does a Lucky 63 Bet Work?

Lucky 63 bets work by combining 63 wagers into one bet across six selections. These 63 wagers cover every permutation of singles and multiples. They are like Heinz bets but differ on account of Lucky 63’s containing six singles.

Here is how a lucky 63 breaks down based on a £1 stake per unit. You can also see the bets that form a Lucky 63 – if you combine the number of bets in the table below, it corresponds to the name of this type of wager.

Type of Bet Amount Covered Cost Per £1
Singles 6 £6
Doubles 15 £15
Trebles 20 £20
Fourfold Accumulators 15 £15
Fivefold Accumulators 6 £6
Sixfold Accumulators 1 £1
Total Cost £63

The more of your selections win, the higher your returns will be. Many football and horse racing betting sites offer bonuses for winning 6 selections. This is usually around 25%. Some bookies also pay out a 10% bonus if five come in. Another common bonus is doubling your odds if you end up with one winner out of the six.

Example of a Lucky 63 Bet

We have answered what is a Lucky 63 bet, so let’s now cover an example of how one looks. This example is based on making six selections from six different events. To keep this hypothetical Lucky 63 easy to understand, we’ve made all odds 4/1.

Race Horse Result
Doncaster (13:15)  Flying Colm (4/1) Won
Chester (14:40)  Who Shot JR? (4/1) Won
Leopardstown (15:20)  Aphex Twin (4/1) Lost
Sandown (15:50)  Paulie Walnuts (4/1) Won
Leopardstown (17:05)  Appalachian Dancer (4/1) Lost
Musselburgh (17:25)  Moonlight Oak (4/1) Lost

If your bet stake is £1 on the Lucky 63 above, the total stake comes to £63. If you want to work things against a higher stake, multiply the bet stake amount by 63 to get the final value. Here is a breakdown of the payout expected, according to the example above.

  • Singles Bets Three of six singles won at £1 x (4/1) = £4. The stakes on all losing singles bets are lost, leaving you with a profit of £3 from this section of your bet.
  • Double Bets All 15 doubles were not successful, but seven were. Each winning double won £1 x (4/1) x (4/1) = £16, so this works out as £16 x 7 (£112) for this part of your Lucky 63.
  • Treble BetsNot all 20 possible trebles won, but in this hypothetical example, nine came through. Each treble that won pays £1 x (4/1) x (4/1) x (4/1) = £64. By applying basic maths of £64 x 9, we get £576 for this portion.
  • Fourfold BetsOne more win would have made a fourfold, but in this case, Aphex Twin, Appalachian Dancer, and Moonlight Oak let you down. Had one more won, you would be looking at £256 – (4/1) x (4/1) x (4/1) x (4/1) = (4^4) / (1^4) = 256.
  • Fivefold Bets – In this example, you would need all but one of your horses to win a fivefold. If you were successful, you would win £1,024 – (4/1) x (4/1) x (4/1) x (4/1) x (4/1) = (4^5) / (1^5) = 1024 (x £1) = £1,024.
  • Sixfold Accumulator – All horses running must win for you to win the 6-fold acca portion of this bet. To work this out, you multiply 4/1 six times (or raise 4/1 to the sixth power). In this example, you would stand to win £4,056 from this portion of the bet.

Total winnings in this example are £3 (singles) + £112 (doubles) + £576 (trebles) = £691. That’s a profit of £628. The reason why we made this hypothetical a simple 3/3 win-loss split is because the minimum number of selections required to make a profit on a Lucky 63 is usually three or more. Subject to the horses’ odds, that can vary.

We explain why it pays to have a good bet calculator to hand a little further down to this page and provide a link to our free calculator.

You may find you have a split like this far more often than you win horse racing accumulators. Using the example above, all horses are priced at 3/1, and this is also unlikely to happen. The next time someone asks you, “What is a Lucky 63 bet”, this example should help you explain it to them.

What is a Lucky 63 Football Bet?

Lucky 63 football bets follow the same principle as a Lucky 63 placed on any sport. 63 bets are aggregated and placed across six different events. For example, you may wish to place bets on teams to win from six matches on the opening day of the Premier League.

Here’s an example of how your Lucky 63 bet for football might look.

What is a Lucky 63 Football

Your Lucky 63 bet on these six football matches is the same as the example above. You can add low, medium, or high odds selections to your Lucky 16 betting slips. The same rule of thumb is applied – the more matches that win, and the higher the odds of the winners, dictate the size of the payout.

Per the example above, a £1 Lucky 63 pays out a total of £390.27 if all teams win their Premier League matches. But you will still receive a partial return if only one of your selections comes through. Although it is unlikely to be a profit in this case – only a single bet win at odds of 63/1 or more will break even on your betting slip.

What is a Lucky 63 Bet in Horse Racing?

In horse racing, a Lucky 63 bet allows you to make 63 wagers across six different meetings under one main bet. It’s the convenience factor that makes Lucky 63s, Lucky 15s, and other full-cover bets so appealing. Especially as online betting makes things easy.

Let’s imagine you want to bet in all six races at a meeting. This can be done by making your picks and combining all your fancies together in one wager. Here’s how your options would look when aiming to make that bet online.

What is a Lucky 63 Horse

As you can see, you have options to place a horse racing accumulator, six singles, or a Heinz. Lucky 63s have their advantages when you consider that you can also win up to a 25% bonus of the win if all six come through for you! If they don’t, you may still make a profit on your bets.

The same applies to a Lucky 63 bet each way, although things work slightly differently.

How Does a Lucky 63 Bet Each Way Work?

The Lucky 63 bet each way wager is made up of the regular Lucky 63 bets as well as another 63 each-way bets. These bets pay out for places in horse racing, which is usually around 3-4 at odds of 1/5. However, the size of the race dictates if and how many places are paid.

The each way bets come at a cost of x63 your bet amount. If you are betting £1 on a Lucky 63 and also choose the E/W feature, your total bet comes to £126.00. This is because your unit stake doubles to 126x a single wager. Working out your winnings is a little tougher, too, given the increased permutations of odds, places, and each-way payouts.

What is a Lucky 63 Horse Each Way

As you can see from the image above, there is a box with “E/W” to the right of it. If you select this box, your total stake doubles with respect to the Lucky 63 bet each-way coverage you now have.

Now you don’t need one horse to win to see some returns – if one horse places, you’ll get some money back. What is a Lucky 63 each way out? That depends. What you can say is that you’ll need more than one place to see a profit.

Pros & Cons of the Lucky 63 Bet Explained

Lucky 63 wagers are no different to Yankees, Goliaths, or even trebles – all have their upsides and drawbacks. Consider the following pros and cons of Lucky 63 bets before you place one.


  • Potential for Generous Returns
  • Something Back if One Selection is a Winner
  • 25% Winners Bonus if All Selections Win
  • Covers Multiple Betting Scenarios
  • Easy to Place with Online Bookies


  • Can be Expensive
  • Pays Less than a Straight Accumulator if all Legs Win

Lucky 63 Bet Calculator

If you consider working out winnings from your Lucky 63 wager to be a problem, our Lucky 63 free bet calculator could be a solution. You can use our free bet calculator to figure out what you stand to win based on the odds and results expected from your selections.

All you need to enter is the odds for your selections and the stake. The calculator takes care of the rest! You can also use our free bet calculator to work out other bet types – this will remove the headache of having to do it yourself!

Other Combination Wagers Besides Lucky 63 Bets

A Lucky 63 falls under the umbrella of combination bets. These bet types also include other combinations and system wagers you can place. we recommend reading up on the following bets.

  • Lucky 31 Similar to a Lucky 63 but with 31 bets covering five selections, a Lucky 31 includes 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfolds, and one fivefold. You need just one win to get a partial return.
  • Lucky 15Another “Lucky” bet, this one consists of 15 bets on four selections with 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and one fourfold. Just one win triggers a partial return.
  • AccumulatorAlso known as an acca, traditional accumulators have between three and twenty selections. Accumulators pay higher returns, but you generally need all selections to win.
  • TrixieA Trixie consists of four sports bets from three selections. Included in this bet type are three doubles and one treble. Two or more of your legs must win to see a return.
  • PatentThese types of bets made up of three singles, one double, and one treble placed on three separate events. You need just one winner to generate a return.
  • YankeeYankees are placed on four events and include six doubles, four trebles, and one fourfold. Two or more selections must win for you to see a return.
  • Canadian – Canadians are made up of 26 bets on five selections that include 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five fourfolds, and one fivefold wager. You need two or more wins to generate a return.
  • Alphabet – These are combination bets made up of 26 different wagers across six separate selections. Within an Alphabet are two patents, one Yankee, and one sixfold accumulator.
  • Heinz – You get 57 bets selected across six events with a Heinz. Included in the total bet are 15 doubles, 10 trebles, 15 fourfolds, six fivefolds, and one sixfold. Two or more must be successful to see a partial return.
  • Super Heinz – A Super Heinz is made up of 120 bets across seven events. You get 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfold bets, 21 fivefolds, 7 sixfolds, and one sevenfold. Two or more bets must win to get some money back.
  • Goliath – This gigantic 247 bet wager covers eight events, featuring 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefolds, eight sevenfolds, and one eightfold.

Lucky 63 Tips & Strategy

There is no way to guarantee your bets will win every time. But you can try these tips and expert strategies for Lucky 63 bets to get the most out of your wagers at the best betting sites.

Broaden Your Horizons

Although Lucky 63 bets are great for horse racing and football, they can be used on events in other popular sports. Tennis, greyhound racing, and snooker markets can be just as good as anything else.

Consider a Conservative Lucky 63 Strategy

You could use Lucky 63 bets when you eye up six strong favourites in sports like cricket or rugby league. A £1 bet on six teams all at 1/5 pays £140.47 (with a 25% winners bonus) for a profit of £77.47. This is better than the £2.52 profit made on each leg if split into five bets at 12.60 each.

Put Together a High Odds Lucky 63

This works by taking six selections placed at 5/1 or more. If all win at 5/1, for example, you’re looking at £147,060 with a 25% additional winners bonus. Even if three win, you’ll rake in £342 with a total profit of £279.

Where Can I Place Lucky 63 Bets in the UK?

Most UK bookies that allow you to place multiples wagers allow you to also place Lucky 63 bets. But there are some factors where it pays to look for sites that make it easier to place these wagers and offer a 25% bonus if all bets win.

We strongly recommend betting with Paddy Power. This site is great for horse racing bets, offering Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG), live streaming, and more.


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