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what is dutching betting

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Dutching in betting is the art of backing on more than one selection in an event and adjusting the staking on these selections, to create an equal profit, regardless of the result. We’re going to explore the subject of Dutching betting, so you fully understand the concept.

How Does Dutching Work?

The term ‘Dutching’ has its origins in the 1920s. Al Capone’s accountant Arthur Flegenheimer, known as ‘Dutch Schultz’, coined the term as he looked for a strategy to target profit at a horse racing event.

dutching betting explained

We’ll start off by explaining what is Dutching in betting. As we said previously, it is the art of making a profit in a market at betting sites, by backing more than one selection.

There is a form of Dutching betting, where you are trying to increase your chances of making a profit, rather than guaranteeing profit. You don’t cover every selection, but you back more than one, so there is more than one result in the market that will deliver you a profit.

When it comes to Dutching betting that does guarantee a profit, you will need the odds to shift in your favour. This could come from a long-term, ante-post betting market, where quite naturally there are big fluctuations in prices. Over time, you back selections when the odds are advantageous, to guarantee your profit.

Or, perhaps the odds will change before an event, due to a piece of breaking news, such as injury to an important player in a football game, creating a Dutching opportunity.

Sometimes the odds for potential outcomes across different bookies allow for Dutching betting. If there is a big discrepancy in the odds between bookmakers for a single event, then it can create the potential for a guaranteed profit, or at least radically better your chances of emerging with a profit.

Most commonly, in-play events at online bookmakers will present opportunities for Dutching in sports betting. As the odds shift over the course of the sports event, in relation to the action, the chance can present itself to lock in some nice profits.

Example of Dutching Bets

We’re going to give you a couple of examples of Dutching betting that will illustrate how this sports betting strategy works.

dutching in betting explained

Let’s say we’re going to back two horses, in order to give us a better chance of making a profit from single race. There are seven runners, so by backing two, we have given ourselves a two out of seven chance, rather than one out of seven.

Instead of betting the entire stake of £15 on one horse, we split it between two horses. If they were both priced at 4/1, it makes the staking split easy.

  • £7.50 on Horse A at 4/1
  • £7.50 on Horse B at 4/1
  • Total Stake = £15 (£7.50 + £7.50)
  • Either Horse A or Horse B Wins = £15 Profit (£30 Return – £15 Stake)
  • Both Horse A and Horse B Lose = £15 Loss

That scenario is very straightforward. If the odds of the two horses that you want to back are different though, then you have to make sure that you have the respective correct stake, to ensure that you come away with the same profit, regardless of which of your horses wins.

If Horse A was priced at 6/1 and Horse B at 3/1, then you would have to split the staking like this, to ensure that you’d receive nearly equal profits, no matter which of your selections wins.

  • £5.45 on Horse A at 6/1
  • £9.55 on Horse B at 3/1
  • Total Stake = £15 (£5.45 + £9.55)
  • Horse A Wins = £32.70 Winnings – Lost £9.55 Stake = £23.15 Profit
  • Horse B Wins = £28.65 Winnings – Lost £5.45 Stake = £23.20 Profit
  • Both Horse A and Horse B Lose = £15 Loss

Dutching is a common strategy and you can see the benefit of it from these examples. Rather than relying on a big win from a single outcome, you accept a smaller profit for an increased chance of winning.

When Should I Use Dutching Betting Systems?

We’re now going to take a look at some instances when it makes sense to take this betting approach when wagering on popular sports.

Outright Football Bets

Football iconOutright betting on leagues and cups can provide more Dutching opportunities than a single match. Whereas the betting on a single match is open for a relatively short space of time, even when including live betting, outright football betting markets can be open for many months. Over the course of a league title race, the early favourites can slide out to a big price and then back in again.

Outsiders can see their odds crash. Over a long period, this gives lots of opportunities to lock in potential profit. Cup competitions can see even more volatile price changes. Just one football match can see the favourites knocked out of the competition, bringing about a radical reappraisal of the odds. Football is a great sport for Dutching betting, but especially so when you play the long game, with outright markets.

Strategy For Horse Racing

Property 1 horse 3Horse racing is another sport where there can be big changes for outright markets, such as which horse will win the Grand National or Cheltenham Gold Cup. You can take advantage of the shift in odds to hit your profit target with some sensible Dutching betting. Dutching can also make a lot of sense within an individual race. Some horse races have a wide variety of runners. In such instances, where there are a lot of contenders, it can be sensible to pick out two or three horses, rather than hanging all your hopes on just one. With each-way Dutching, you can potentially make bigger profits.

f you back two horses to win, only one can be a winner and the other a loser. With an each-way bet, both parts of the place bet could be successful, along with one of your selections winning. This essentially gives you a double chance, though as it makes the staking more difficult to work out, we’d recommend using a Dutch betting calculator.

Pros & Cons of Dutch Betting Strategy

No exploration of Dutching betting would be complete without looking at the negatives, as well as the positives. Here are the pros and cons of this type of betting.

  • Better chances returns equals long-term profit
  • Dutching can be used in conjunction with betting offers
  • Small regular profits more sustainable than occasional big wins
  • Dutching useful option in a range of betting markets including outright
  • Sometimes opportunities in obscure markets where different bookies have different prices
  • Dutching is possible with each-way betting
  • The selections you back when Dutching can all lose
  • Staking has to be exact when trying to evenly split profits with sports betting
  • Each-way bets when Dutching can add up to a tidy amount

Dutching Betting Calculator

As we have pointed out, it is important to get the staking right when Dutching. This can be a tricky thing to work out, depending on the complexities of the odds. For this reason, we would thoroughly recommend using a betting Dutching calculator.

The slightest mistake when calculating, can have a big impact on the end result and leave you with uneven potential profits, or an even worse result. By using a Dutching bet calculator, you should eliminate the chance of making such a mistake.

With Dutching betting featuring all sorts of selections, across various bet types, it pays to be careful. Use our free bet calculator to make sure that everything is correct, before you place your wagers.


We hope that you enjoyed our guide to Dutching betting. You should now understand Dutching strategy and should be able to implement it, in its simplest form at least. It’s possible to Dutch on all sorts of types of bets, giving you plenty of options. If employed correctly, Dutching betting is a valuable tool that can help you to make consistent profits.


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Dan Fitch
Dan Fitch
Dan Fitch

A writer and editor for some of the top names in the gambling industry for nearly 20 years, Dan also works as a freelance sports journalist for publications and websites such as ESPN, FourFourTwo and LiveScore.

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